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Cheap Seats: Steve Spurrier

By Les Barnhart | September 1st, 2002

I have to admit, when Steve Spurrier was leading the Florida Gators, I wasn’t a big fan. His Gators would always beat the hell out of my Georgia Bulldogs. Every year I would think, “this year we’ll finally get’em.”

Georgia only beat Spurrier’s Florida team once.

Now, the Ballcoach is in Washington, and I’m happy to hear that he is aiming to turn the Dallas Cowboys into his “new” Georgia.

Over the last few years we’ve watched the NFL earn the monnicker of the “No Fun League.”

And now along comes Spurrier, a true gunslinger. He immediately rattles the cages of the other teams and head coaches in the league.

I say, “Great!” Football – the way it is supposed to be played – balls out, full tilt. I believe in knocking the hell out of the guy across from you and then helping him up… and then doing it again.

I hope we are the most hated team in the NFL. Why? Because, if teams hate us, then we are doing something right. What a wonderful change of team philosophy. Instead of playing not to lose, we will actually be playing to win.

The Ballcoach is a born winner – hot damn! It’s about time the team returns to the place we belong… the top of the NFL heap. My local pizza joint has a slogan: “You’ve tried the rest, now try the best.” Amen! Josepi the Pizza Man!

Welcome Coach Spurrier, we have been waiting for you!

– The Wingman

Edit: This blog was archived in May of 2016 from our original articles database. It was originally posted by Les Barnhart