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Cheap Seats: Fan-dom

By Les Barnhart | September 25th, 2002

I watched the 49ers game with a friend of mine, a 49er fan, and it was no fun let me tell you.. Normally I get together with my brother to watch the games. As we are both Redskins fans, we relate to each other. We are just like most of you, we talk to the television, we yell at the television and we usually end up stomping around the television. Heck, sometimes we slip up and swear at the television. We throw a ball inside the house (then after the game tell the kids not to!) and dive on the ball when a fumble occurs in the game. But despite our boyish antics, we are told that in actuality we talk like we are advanced scouts or perhaps even coaches. We are veteran armchair quarterbacks and neither of us can remember calling a bad game from our chairs. Our wives think we are crazy and most times they leave the room and allow us a few hours of uninterrupted time with our beloved Redskins.

Watching the game with someone who roots for the team that the Redskins are playing is quite a different adventure. I rarely do I actually have to behave myself and can no longer put the whammy on the opposing players or say rude things about the opposing coaches. I try to respect the other guys team and demand that they do the same in return.

I have a few simple house rules:
1. If the opposing team does anything that may cause a celebration from my guest, they must go the bathroom or out of my sight whilst they dance and jump around (I can not hear any of this nonsense)
2. Only positive things can be said about the beloved Redskins
3. Guests may be required to remove any article of clothing that doesnt adhere to the dress code of burgundy and gold
4. Guests are not permitted to poke fun at any of the Redskins shortcomings
5. All guests are advised that any violation of these rules may result in their watching the remaining portion of the game from the porch.

Now, as for the game, let’s just say that my guest followed most of the house rules and our beloved Redskins lost. But this team is showing something to me, heart. After playing on one side of the country on Monday night then flying clear across country to play. Call me an optimist or call me a loyal fan, but I for one refuse to harp on the poor play of the team and threaten to give up on them after only three games (one of which we won!). The Redskins are like my family, sometimes they make me proud and sometimes they make me angry. Through it all though, I could never, have never and would never turn my back on my family. The Redskins will persevere and they will once again hold their head high…..the only question I have is……how many “fans” will be able to do the same? Just remember this…….like him or not, Mr. Snyder is a life long fan of the Redskins and wants nothing more than to see his favorite team in the Super Bowl. That has nothing to do with money and everything to do with loving the Redskins.

Be sure to come back to the Cheap Seats, there will always be a seat and a cold beer waiting for you.

The Wingman

Edit: This blog was archived in May of 2016 from our original articles database.It was originally posted by Les Barnhart