Scooter’s 6 Pack: Week 3

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1. Ba-Bye Week

This week the Redskins will have time to regroup and refocus. This season is far from over, but many Redskin Fans will be in hiding until they feel it’s ‘safe’ to come out. The remaining players from years past have one thing in common – their ability to manage change. While a 1-2 record isn’t impressive, it’s far too early to extinguish hope for a successful season. At the same time, I don’t buy-into the ‘sometimes losing is good/ builds character’ motto. For the real fans: Recharge your own batteries – relax this Sunday. The Redskins will give us plenty to cheer about before the season is over. For those faint-hearted fans: Ba-Bye, see you next season.

2. Ramsey or Not

Frustration, fear and pain are great motivators for change. However, this is not the time to lay the blame for losing at the feet of Shane Matthews and Danny Wuerffel. These losses have been complete team efforts, or lack thereof. Adding Ramsey could add a spark to the lineup. That spark could backfire. Ramsey’s 16-day holdout (after promising Owner, Daniel Snyder he would be in camp on time) put Ramsey behind the learning curve. Even if he were to learn the offense, he is still an inexperienced rookie QB. The offensive line has performed so pooly, no QB in the NFL would have been successful. We should concentrate on improving the play of the team rather than look to a rookie as a savior.

3. Zeron Shines

After the Redskins drafted talented rookie Robert Royal from LSU in the 7th round, Zeron Flemmister’s job was in jeopardy. Veteran Walter Rasby was practically assured a spot on the roster with his contract and experience. Flemmister didn’t give up. An injury force Royal out for the season and Rasby isn’t expected to recover soon from his minor, training camp injuries. Against the 49’ers, Flemmister lead the Redskins with three catches and 57 yards including a touchdown. While the team struggles to find it’s way at most positions, Flemmister has a strong hold on the TE spot. #89, Flemmister is proud to be a Redskin – and it shows on the field.

4. A Few Good Men

There have been very few examples of solid play on either side of the football for the Skins. But Jessie Armstead and Dan Wilkinson are providing good examples for their teammates to follow. Wilkinson has done an outstanding job as a DT. You may not hear his name very often, but he is playing some of the best football of his career. While facing double and triple-teams, Wilkinson allows others to make plays. All this while wearing protective splints and padding for injuries that would cause most NFL players to sit out. Jessie Armstead record 17 solo-tackles vs. the 49’ers. Armstead has provided a great example of leadership and intensity – more
Redskins need to follow his lead.

5. Shirley, We’re Better Than This

On a critical 3rd down and short yardage, the Redskins decided to hand the ball to Stephen Davis. So far so good. They decided to run at Dana Stubblefield, who played uninspired, lazy football for the Redskins for the past three seasons, including last season. Still, so far so good. The man at the point of attack was OG David Loverne, whom the Redskins aquired in a trade from the NY Jets prior to the season. Not good. Loverne was blown up by Stubblefield, knocked backwards two yards into Davis. Davis was thrown for a loss and the Redskins were force to punt. This is just one example of poor offensive line play throughout the lineup. Surely we can do better than this. These Loverne and Shirley re-runs are getting old.

6. Zebra Butt

For the past several weeks, I’ve noticed a disturbing trend in the NFL – Zebra Butts. TV producers and directors have been intend on showing viewers a camera angle from directly behind an NFL official for ‘Instant Replay.’ These shots tend to last between thirty-seconds and two minutes. Instead of showing us the REPLAY! Show it seveal times. Show the various angles. Show it in slow-motion. Show it in reverse motion. But NOOOOOOO! Instead we are shown a still photo of the official’s butt as he peeks inside the secret box. If I wanted to see zebra butts, I’d go to the zoo and toss carrots over the zebra’s heads. Please, get OFF THE BUTT SHOTS!

Edit: This blog was archived in May of 2016 from our original articles database.It was originally posted by Scott Moore

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