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Here’s to touchdowns and high fives for our beloved Redskins for the remainder of our season. Here are a few things that have occupied my thoughts during this much needed Redskins bye week…

1. Bye weeks. What do you think Redskin Park was like during these last two weeks? I have to admit, at the beginning of the season I was complaining about having a bye week so early in the season. Considering the state of the team at this point, the bye week was almost as important as a win.

2. Kickers. Do these guys claim to be football players? How would you like to be an NFL kicker? Most of them are chewing Tums on the sideline faster than they get out of the way of a would-be tackle. How would you like to blow a game winning field goal or worse yet an extra point and then have to face guys who just busted their humps for 59+ minutes to put you in the position to win? Even coaches don’t like kickers.

3. Referees. What is the deal with all the bad calls? I watched my six to eight games over the weekend and bad officiating influenced at least 4 of them. Take the PSU – Iowa game… please take it. Our own Lavar Arrington can attest to the poor officiating. The Raiders-Titans game? Apparently, the Raiders players can do whatever they feel is necessary to win.

4. Fat guys. Where in the hell have all the fat guys in the NFL gone? I used to count on Madden pointing them out, but even he said that he couldn’t find any. While I like the health kick the players are on, I like to see an occasional fat guy so that, as I drink my beer and eat my wings, I can yell at the TV about the how the fat guy has let himself go. Hey, back off, my house and my rules.

5. College football overtime. This is a timely subject because while I watched the Seminoles lose to Louisville, I stated that I was still uncertain about the format. It seems kind of Arena ball-ish to me. I like the sudden death aspect of overtime. Of course, then on Saturday, my beloved Nittany Lions were beaten in the overtime period. Personally, I think the game should be settled with the teams squaring off in an Oklahoma Drill in the center of the field. But hey, that’s why I’m in the Cheap Seats.

6. The Steelers. Actually the Steelers and their lack of cheerleaders. I never really gave it much thought until I watched the Steelers – Browns game with some friends. They were the only team that we could think of that doesn’t have cheerleaders. Why? They have a dancing bottle of Heinz ketchup walking around the stadium, but no cheerleaders. Try and figure that one out, my friends.

7. Jim Rome. Does this man ever speak English? I was listening to him the other night and I swear that I only understood part of what he was saying. The sad part is, I am in the age of his target audience. Scary.

8. Bill O’Reilly. The man is a huge Redskins fan. I didn’t know this until last week. I knew Bill was intelligent, I just didn’t realize he was THAT intelligent.

9. Chicken wings. I love ’em. Have I mentioned that before?

10. Jerseys. I went online the other day and was looking to buy a personalized Redskin jersey. After checking the prices on these puppies, I quickly proceeded to eBay to place one of my kidneys up for bid. How can it be justified that they cost that much? I had to double check to see if you actually got the player WITH the jersey at that price. Do you know how much beer and wings could be sent to The Cheap Seats for that amount of money?

That’s all that for this week. Hopefully, the next time you come back to visit me here in The Cheap Seats, we will be able to raise a toast to our beloved Redskins and a much deserved victory.

The Wingman

Edit: This blog was archived in May of 2016 from our original articles database.It was originally posted by Les Barnhart

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