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Scooter’s 6 Pack: Week 4

By Scott Moore | October 2nd, 2002

1. Winning cures all ills
The next time you hear-‘.. hey, you gotta give the guy credit, they made a great play…’ – it won’t be from the lips of a Redskins player. The answer is: No, I don’t have to give anyone credit. I wasn’t the guy that got my butt whipped on the play. And rather than give the guy credit, why not assume the responsibility for having to play better. Only losing teams and losers say those things. This Redskin Fan won’t be dishing any credit to anyone on the other team for not being tackled. Players play, coaches coach and the team tries to win. There is no room for gloating about how good the other team is.

2. Ramsey or Wuerffel
A banged up Shane Matthews will sit this week, in favor of a new starting QB. Danny Wuerffel and Patrick Ramsey are dueling for the job. Wuerffel brings more experience to the table, while Ramsey brings raw talent. Regardless of which QB may start the game, I think you’ll see both play. Ramsey has all the tools to be a top NFL QB. The urge to play such a young and talented player must be near-overwhelming. ‘Danny seems to play better away from home’, said Coach Spurrier. The Coach won’t name a starter until Sunday – Game Day.

3. Upon Further Review
The coaches have had an extra week to review all of the game tape. In that time, they learned something I didn’t see. Coach Spurrier said that the offensive line hasn’t played as poorly as everyone seems to think. In part, Spurrier is shouldering a portion of the blame for his own play-calling. Under the right lighting conditions, in slow-motion, after a six-pack or two… the offensive line really didn’t play that bad. Um… Coach, I really appreciate the leadership and all. I’ll try to see it your way, but the offensive line has been awful. Perhaps I should drink more…

4. New Sparks
Kevin Lockett will start against the Titans this Sunday. Lockett had a subperb offseason and training camp. Only to be out performed in preseason games by youngster, Derrius Thompson. Lockett runs better routes, blocks down field and has a ton of NFL experience. The Redskins are looking for Lockett to provide a spark to the offense. In addition, Chris Doering will see some playing time. Doering is tough, has great hands and fights for the ball. At 6’4′, Doering provides a big target for the QB to see down field. Lockett and Doering may provide enough spark to kick-start the offense.

5. Safety in numbers
The Redskins are looking for a safety. At this point, they are looking to fill a vacancy on the practice squad with several, undrafted free agents. David Terrell and Sam Shade have played poorly in recent weeks. In fact, neither has been consistent through their careers in Washington. The heat is on. Both Shade and Terrell need to step up their games or risk losing their jobs. The safety is the last line of defense and these two will have fewer and fewer opportunities to show they deserve to keep their jobs.

6. Remember the Titans
Not too long ago, the Tennessee Titans were playing the St. Louis Rams in the Super Bowl, a game decided by less than a yard in the closing seconds. Since that time, the Titans have fallen from the ranks of the NFL’s elite. Injuries, free agency and poor play have plagued the Titans. Star RB, Eddie George is still hobbled by injuries, although he will attempt to play through them. WR/PR Derrick Mason is OUT with a separated shoulder. Other than winning their first game against the Eagles, have lost three straight. Last week, they were crushed by the Raiders in Oakland, 52-25. Losing Mason and CB Samari Rolle in the process. They are tired and bruised. The Redskins have an excellent opportunity to win this one on the road.

Edit: This blog was archived in May of 2016 from our original articles database.It was originally posted by Scott Moore