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Well, it looks like our beloved Redskins have found themselves a quarterback, Pat Ramsey. He is the present and the future of this team. The 32nd pick overall in the 2002 draft, Ramsey now has two complete NFL games under his belt and is 1-1 and black and blue for his efforts. The rookie signal caller is a real stud in my opinion and has all the tools necessary for a long and productive NFL career.

In Ramsey’s two starts, he has shown a great deal of the character and the heart that is necessary to survive in the NFL. Despite being beaten up, knocked down, intercepted and pretty much assaulted in both of his games, Ramsey has remained solid and has shown great determination. Neither he, nor any of the other Redskin QB’s, have the pleasure of standing behind a great or even good offensive line. Yet he hangs in the pocket, knowing that he is going to get decked on almost every pass play. The funny thing is, Ramsey is the one that is focused on by the fans and the media because he is the quarterback in the new Spurrier offense and he is only a rookie. He hasn’t stepped up to the microphone and blasted the offensive line for not being able to do what is being paid to do. Nor is he calling out the receivers that can’t separate from the defenders, drop passes and break off routes. No, Ramsey hasn’t done that. What he has done is, fire precision passes to compensate for the lack of separation between the receivers and the defenders and take hits that make even Jeremiah Trotter cringe. As a matter or fact, after the Saints game, a game which despite being sacked seven times and knocked down a countless number of times, Ramsey completed 21 passes for 320 yards and 3 touchdowns. Yeah, let us not forget the 4 interceptions as well. At least two of these can be attributed to the porous offensive line and the equally inept receivers. After Sunday’s game, Trotter was quoted as saying; “I was feeling some of those shots just watching them. It shows the heart he has to keep getting up…” You’re damn right, this kid has heart. Fred Smoot was also impressed; “He kept going, I love him. I’ll go to war with him any day.”

Yeah, as you can tell, I like this kid, Pat Ramsey. What isn’t to like? You don’t like him because he held out of training camp? So did another other stud that we all love… I think his name is Arrington. Ever heard of him? Get over what ever reason it is that you don’t like Ramsey. He is a great young quarterback with a ton of talent. I think the Ballcoach sees it and knows that he has a damn fine QB wearing that #11. As far as being a rookie, think about this…Marino, Montana, Elway, Theismann and all the other great NFL quarterbacks were rookies once too. This kid is special. Right now he needs all of us fans to get behind him and the rest of this team and show them that we are here to support them. There is enough Len Pasquarelli’s out there spewing out constant negativity about this organization. We as fans need to have some pride about our team. When it comes your turn to step up and lay your heart out for the team, will you be on board when this team fires up that old “diesel” and takes it to the next level? Or will you still be sitting on sidelines with all those who are just waiting for this organization to fail? I know where I will be……

The Wingman

Edit: This blog was archived in May of 2016 from our original articles database.It was originally posted by Les Barnhart

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