Scooter’s 6 Pack: Week 7

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1. Don’t adjust your set

It took me a while, but I actually found an angle to watch the game that didn’t look too bad. Feet in the air, upside down, peering underneath the coffee table… the Redskins looked like they might be improving. No, it wasn’t the nine beers before half-time. Take away the penalties and the turnovers – the Redskins outplayed the Packers. Take away HALF of the turnovers and three penalties, the Redskins outplayed the Packers. Well, from that position – it looked a little better.

2. Trying too hard

Patrick Ramsey blew two TD opportunities to wide-open receivers in the end-zone. He simply tried to throw the ball too hard. He also fumbled numerous times trying to decide what to do next. Protection was poor but, adequate enough to make a play. Ramsey still showed he’s got plenty of talent to be the QB of the future and he’s entitled to a bad game as a rookie. The Redskins need to call QB draws and bootlegs to get Ramsey comfortable. With this line, the Skins must be able to make plays outside the pocket. Run Ramsey! Run!

3. Make way for D.T.

Derrius Thompson made every play asked of him. He ran the ball four times and caught five passes for a total of 137 yards. Thompson was the Redskins best player on Sunday – no question. He earned his way back to the starting line-up and isn’t likely to see any time on the bench the remainder of the season. Rod Gardner had a good game too, mostly blocking down field for Thompson. Gardner and Thompson present excellent size, speed and athletic ability to opposing defenses. Derrius Thompson will stay in the line-up, look for a #88 in the sports store before the end of this season.

4. Superstar? Yes!

At this point, the Redskins have one, true Superstar on the roster – Stephen Davis. But Davis has been plagued by a lack of blocking and some subpar individual efforts this season. Davis has fumbled twice this season, losing both of them deep in Redskin territory. Davis simply cannot afford to drop the ball. As the Redskins’ best player, Davis needs to shoulder even more of the load than he already does. Davis has tremendous drive and plays through pain on a regular basis. Stephen Davis went on to have an outstanding second half after his fumble in Green Bay – a fumble that resulted in no points for the Packers. The team rallies around Davis and will follow his lead.

5 & 6- this takes two beers

…And the Winner Is….

BILL MAAS! Maas wins the award for: Short Bus Color Commentator of the Year. ‘I’d like to thank my teachers for not never teachin’ me nuthin’ and my cat Woozy.’ Maas had a full day hits from the broadcast booth: He had the producers dummy-up a split screen for his stirring, yet idiotic, comparison between Ahman Green and Walter Payton. Maas took issue with an ‘illegal contact’ call against a Green Bay defensive back, only to be shown the obvious infraction on replay. He insisted, repeatedly…Patrick Ramsey’s throwing was due to the 44 degree ‘cold.’

Maas’ most clever line was spun from hours of creative ‘jamming’ with two-first graders and a Jumbo Sized bag of M & M’s. He narrowed his big line from two, very funny fart gags and a line about boogers. Instead he went with his ‘A’ material.

It began, ‘I love the name Bubba Franks.’ And ended with an explanation that ‘Franks’ reminded him of hotdogs. Big hotdogs. He also explained that it was ‘funny’ and improv-ed variations of the bit for several, agonizing minutes. Maas opens at the Ha-Ha Hut next Wednesday… he’ll be there all NIGHT.

Edit: This blog was archived in May of 2016 from our original articles database.It was originally posted by Scott Moore

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