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Cheap Seats: Random Blasts

By Les Barnhart | November 6th, 2002

– The Redskins have climbed back to the .500 mark after beating the Seahawks last week. Many of the football pundits still give us little chance of making the playoffs but at 4-4, I would say that this team is starting to come together quite nicely.

– How about that familiar face in Redskin Park? Welcome back, Tre! We have certainly missed you, big fella. Having Tre back is a major plus for this offense as well as the entire team. I mean, anyone who can blow open holes in the opposing defense like #77 is a major plus. And how about that helmet? I thought it was the old helmet cart that used to carry players around the field.

– Terrell Owens. What is this guy’s deal? The man has more talent than most teams receivers combined yet he has to do things like the “Sharpie in the sock” to draw attention to himself. And while on that subject, what in the hell was the matter with Shawn Springs and the Seahawks? It used to be that if someone did something like that in an opposing team’s stadium he would have to pick himself up with a spatula. You tell me, would The Hogs have allowed that to go on without some retribution? I don’t think so….

– The NFL apparently didn’t fair to well financially with NFL Europe this season. At least that would explain why all the fines are being leveled against the defenders in the NFL for doing their jobs. Don’t get me wrong, some of the hits have been violent and extreme but…. Damn, this IS the NFL. Pretty soon you will be able to add a few more names to the NFL extinct list. Guys like Mark Carrier and Chuck Cecil will have plenty of company soon if the NFL continues at this pace. What chaps me is that the NFL will fine these players for their hits and then turn around and sell a “Crunch Course” or “NFL Rocks” video with those same hits featured on them.

– Eagles fans. I had the opportunity to watch the Giants-Eagles Monday Night Football game with a couple of Eagles fans. Let’s just say that I finally met a few of them that I can actually talk to, without wanting to throw them through the television. Overall, they are still the worst fans to be around, hands down.

– Sad news about training camp next season. I think Redskins training camp should always be in Carlisle. Moving it is like moving Thanksgiving to a Monday or drinking milk with your chicken wings or showering with your socks on. It just doesn’t feel right.

– Congratulations to the Bengals as they spoil Jim Rome’s “perfect” season and win their first game of the year.

– Kenny Watson. Great game against the Seahawks. Could he be the heir apparent to Stephen Davis? I, for one, am pulling for Kenny. He is a great story about hard work and perseverance. And oh yeah, he came from Penn State too.

– How about those Redskins? I guess that the ole Ballcoach might be able to do something here in the NFL after all, huh?

See you all next week….. Right here in the Cheap Seats.

The Wingman

Edit: This blog was archived in May of 2016 from our original articles database.It was originally posted by Les Barnhart