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1. Tasty Tennis Shoes
Four weeks ago, I blurted out what I thought at the time was wisdom. I was afraid the Redskins didn’t have enough depth at the RB position. Further, I ranted that Kenny Watson looked nervous, more like he was trying NOT to make a mistake than a player with confidence. Last week I could easily be heard harping on Bruce Smith’s inability and aging body. I was concerned about his comments to the press and his tendency to run on at the mouth. Um… look who’s talking? Tasting the underside of my size 10’s doesn’t taste very good at all. I’m sure I had nothing to do with Watson’s 152 combined yards, nor Smith’s two QB-sacks. I’ve had to spit more than all the Yankees combined. These two guys did a great job. If you guys are reading… please don’t make me get on you again!

2. Did I say NINE?
With last week’s win, the Redskins pulled to .500 for the season. A quick check around the NFC shows five other teams with better records. The Eagles have a firm grip on the East so far. The West is weak with the Niners on top. The South has Tampa Bay, New Orleans and the Falcons – all above .500. The North is weak as well, other than the Packers. The South teams look to provide the strongest challenge for the two Wild Card Playoff spots. The Skins will have to continue to improve. In order to secure a playoff spot, the Redskins must gear for 10, or 11 wins. Nine wins cuts the margin too thin. With continued improvement on the defensive side of the ball, the Skins look like challengers. But the offense had better play more than one-half per game to make the Playoffs.

3. Meow Mix Theme Song
Jaguars head coach, Tom Coughlin said, ‘He’s (Spurrier) going to come in with a bag of tricks,’ referring to Sunday’s game in Jacksonville. ‘He knows what the fans want to see and he’s going to try to give it to them.’ Steve Spurrier is a legend in Florida, coming to Coughlin’s home field is a homecoming in a way. The Jags are sliding on a four game losing streak, including a loss to the expansion Houston Texans. But the Jaguars have beaten the likes of the Chiefs, Eagles and Jets so far this season. They’ve suffered numerous injuries and Coughlin is in danger of losing control of this team. The difficulty in hunting cats is the size of the cat. The Jaguars may feel they are backed into a corner and come out fighting mad. I’m going to buy a box of Meow Mix and set it on top of the TV, hoping they play more like the cats in the commercials…I can’t get that damn song outta my head!

4. Shane Losing his Grip?
Shane Matthews played well for the first 30 minutes of the game against the Seahawks. His offensive line gave him plenty of time and opened up big holes for Kenny Watson. He had a few excellent throws. At half time, Shane ate Kentucky Fried Chicken and washed his hands in olive oil. He missed several wide open receivers and kept Seattle within striking distance. This is a game the Redskins should have won convincingly…say 34-0. Instead, Matthews found a way to overthrow receivers, or throw the ball out of bounds. One throw actually stuck in the chest of a Seahawks’ defensive lineman. Unless there’s a new oil on the ball, the pigs ate too many oily foods, the weather causes hands to shrink… I don’t want to hear another -‘it slipped’ come from a Redskin QB. Coach Spurrier tried to take part of the blame for not having enough WR’s in the pattern for Shane. Never afraid of tasting my own shoes – Shane, you better shape up!

5. Red Zone tells the Story
It always seems the guys with the football in their hands get the glory for a win. In the game versus the Seahawks, our defense clearly won the game. One stat jumps out as a defining stat. In the Red Zone, the Skins were 2-for-2 with two TD’s. The Seahawks managed to go 0-for-3. The Redskins simply made great play after great play, when they were needed most. Daryl Gardener looks great in the burgundy and gold. Renaldo Wynn is finding ways to make plays. Our all-star linebackers are playing like… all-stars. Champ Bailey looks like the best CB in the NFL. Every snap this unit plays together, they seem to get better. They feed off one anothers’ energy on the field. This unit hasn’t played up to it’s potential, which should be very frightening for opposing teams. In spite of what the scoreboard said, this unit did not give up a single point on Sunday. The officials felt sorry for the Seahawks and let them have three points… a fumble is a fumble, unless a zebra blows the whistle.

6. A Cheap Shot is a Cheap Shot
I’m a little sick and tired of all the whining going on about fines and suspensions being leveled against defensive backs for their hits on WR’s. In spite of a very poor demonstration by John Madden, (who’s theory is-the head bone is connected to the shoulder bone),a cheap shot is a cheap shot. If a safety curls his head, puts his facemask into his chest, with his arms also in full tuck – he isn’t trying to do anything other than injure an opposing player.

Edit: This blog was archived in May of 2016 from our original articles database.It was originally posted by Scott Moore

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