Scooter’s 6 Pack: Week 13

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1. “W” Got the “W”, then the “L”
Danny Wuerffel finally got his chance – and made the most of his opportunity. Wuerffels’ stats were impressive, 16-for-23 235 yards, no interceptions. More importantly, Wuerffel was a leader in the huddle. He frequently audibled to successful plays and scrambled out of the pocket to make plays. Give credit to an outstanding performance by the offensive line (especially Chris Samuels) and a solid game by Stephen Davis. Then, Wuerffel went on to fail against the Cowboys. I’m convinced Wuerffel was kidnapped by aliens and replaced by a clone. His arm looked weak, his decisions poor and the team followed.

2. Gardener Grows
Daryl Gardner continued to grow, and inspire his teammates to greater heights. Gardener faced double teams all day, and won. Near the end of the first half, Gardener rushed through the middle of the Rams line and in to the face of Kurt Warner. As Warner tried to throw, Gardener stuffed him. The ball squirted up in the air and Trotter came up with the interception. Gardener’s fire inspired his teammates. LaVar Arrington’s spectacular leap at the end of the game, caused Warner to fumble. That fumble was recovered by? Yes, Daryl Gardener. Gardener played well against the Cowboys and commanded double-teams all day. The Redskins would be wise to secure a long-term deal with Gardener before the close of the season.

3. Give Me the Damn Ball! Davis’ New Book
Steve Spurrier was given a copy the best-selling book in the Redskins locker room. Spurrier insisted the ball was given to Stephen Davis against the Rams, and Davis responded. Davis carried the ball a season high 31 times for 88 yards. Even when Davis wasn’t in the game, the offense stuck with the run as Kenny Watson added 29 yards on five carries. Stephen Davis was happy, the fans were happy, the team was happy. Then, Spurrier threw the book out and threw the ball relentlessly against the Cowboys. On a key 3rd-and-1, Davis was on the bench, while Danny Wuerffel powered his was to a, 1-yard loss. This book is a very easy read. Every page contains one line -“Give me the damn ball!” All 256 pages are the same. Odd that Spurrier could forget in less than a week.

4. Free Emmitt Smith!
In between curse words and dry-heaves, I’ve come to realize we’ll only have one more opportunity to beat Emmitt Smith and the Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys are said to be ready to do without Emmitt Smith next season – it’s about time! Smith sliced through the Redskins again on Thanksgiving Day. He racked up 144 yards on the ground and pounded Redskin defenders. One last opportunity against Smith in a Cowboy uniform remains, at home, the last game of the season. For 10 straight games against the Cowboys, the Redskins have come up short. It seems only fitting to see the end of Smith’s career with the Cowboys in DC…with a long overdue loss.

5. Did You See That?
As the Rams were driving for their first score of the game, the television viewing audience was treated to a unique camera angle. The technical term for this camera angle is the: Derskie-I- don’t- like- football- Really- wish- I- was- at- the- opera- Over- the- goal- post- Nose bleed section-Putz- shot. Otherwise known as the Derskie-Putz shot, used primarily in bomber, flight simulators. The production of the broadcast was pathetic. There were several occasions where a replay could have been shown between plays. Instead, we were treated to exciting shots of the huddles, fancy- split screen shots of Spurrier and Martz and a riveting shot of the announcers in the booth. The game against the Cowboys was a better production – with a much worse result.

6. Spurrier Owes Us All One Game Ball
As of this moment, Steve Spurrier owes every Redskin Fan a game ball. Spurrier has struggled and failed in his first season in the NFL. His play-calling, clock management and bad-mouthing of officials have cost the Redskins dearly. Now, completely out of the playoff picture, Spurrier has a chance to totally redeem himself… the last game of the season. Until then, I expect him to refine his skills. I expect one game ball, autographed by the Coach to all the fans of the Redskins. For the past decade, we’ve earned it! It will read, “To Scooter, hold on to this for all Redskin Fans everywhere! Redskins 37 – Dallas 10.”

Edit: This blog was archived in May of 2016 from our original articles database.It was originally posted by Scott Moore

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