Scooter’s 6 Pack: Week 15

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1. Ramsey the Great
Against the best defense the Redskins have faced all season, with a pathwork offensive line and a slew of rookies at the skill positions – Ramsey looked like the next great, Redskins’ QB. Too much praise? Maybe – but I don’t think so. Ramsey is tough, a word seldom used in connection with a Redskins QB in recent years. Ramsey showed great courage in the face of pressure, stepping into throws as Eagles defenders stood within inches. He had every opportunity to quit, throw incompletions and “mail in” the fourth quarter – after the Skins fell seemingly too far behind. Ramsey’s not a kid anymore, he’s a man now. And this man, he’s got what it takes.

2. Defense Inching Closer
At times, the Redskins defensive unit looked dominant. Daryl Gardener was superb. It was great to see Antonio Pierce back in the lineup too – he was tied for the team lead in tackles for the game. Just when they looked too tough, the Eagles would break open on relatively simple plays. Still, the defense played well enough to keep the Skins in the ballgame. Every week this unit gets better. Even after the loss of Dan Wilkinson, the defensive line played well. There is plenty of room for improvement – but Marvin Lewis’ message is getting through.

3. Davis – Out in Style?
After two runs for 15 yards, Stephen Davis fumbled and dislocated his shoulder scrambling to get the ball back. It may have been his last carry as a member of the Washington Redskins. Then again, Stephen Davis and his agent may find the free agent market slightly less lucrative than they’d hoped in the offseason. With the right set of circumstances, unplugged voodoo dolls, and a declaration from Davis his intense desire to remain a Redskin – he won’t be around next season.

4. Hey, Can You Punt?
Two weeks after Bryan Barker had his face rearranged we may have found a punter. Craig Jarrett had been drafted by the Seattle Seahawks two years ago, but he did not make the final cut. Jarrett was delivering pizza to Redskin Park when he bumped into Special Teams Coach, Mike Stock. Stock had been asking everyone he’d come in earshot of the same question -Hey, can you punt?” Jarrett said, “A little.” OK, it’s a fake story – except for the Mike Stock question… OK, that too. Anyway, Jarrett booted a 74-yard punt at Veterans Stadium on Sunday. A high, booming kick that even managed to draw oohs and ahhs from Eagles fans. It was a monsterous blast! Jarrett punted well all day, well enough to be signed to a long-term contract before the close of the season – let’s get on the ball Mr. Snyder.

5. Safety in Numbers, Negative Numbers
The Eagles gave a game ball to Cecil Martin – who suggested it should go to whomever threw the crushing block that prevented three Redskins from tackling him. After reviewing the tape, he sent David Terrell the ball. Terrell is from football-powerhouse UTEP – University of Texas at El Paso. UTEP has been attempting to boost it’s record by scheduling lesser opponents for years. After losing to the Sisters of Sacred Heart in overtime – they’ve run out of “lesser oppoenents.” Infeny Ohalate had been watching his mentor Sam Shade a bit too closely. Ohalete is a perfect immitation of Shade. He whiffed tackles and forgot how to cover receivers. Ohalete brings a whole new meaning to the term “run support.” The only safety on the roster with any potential is Andre Lott, and he hasn’t been given much of an opportunity.

6. Still Tuning Up
The Redskins showed plenty of promise for their upcomming showdown with the Dallas Cowboys in two weeks. The Boys stumbled badly against the New York Giants on Sunday. They were down 21-0 after the first four minutes of the game. Keeping our focus on the last game of the season, the Skins found areas in need of improvement and positve building blocks for the future. The tune-up still needs tweaking… Dallas, December 29th. This game will have all of the intensity of a playoff game. The final game of this season represents the immediate future of the franchise. Changes are inevitable this offseason. How well the team plays against the Cowboys, in Darrell Green’s farewell game, at home… will determine how drastic those changes need to be.

Edit: This blog was archived in May of 2016 from our original articles database.It was originally posted by Scott Moore

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