Scooter’s 6 Pack: Week 17 – Final Game

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1. Imagine the Ugliest Streaker

Can you imagine the ugliest possible streaker running in slow-motion, across your front lawn, and not being able to take your eyes off the action. I’m talking about a freakish sight here. Something like Danny DeVito and Rosie O’Donnell, butt-naked, trotting hand-in-hand, while holding pink poodles. Now imagine you are powerless to stop them and they run through your yard TWICE a year for five years, on regularly scheduled visits. That’s what all Redskin Fans have been forced to endure for 10 straight losses to the Dallas Cowboys. FINALLY! The streak is over! It was by no means a “pretty” win – but we’ll take it.

2. Poor Pat Summerall

It was exhausting trying to keep up with all of the inaccuracies and flubs spewing from the gums of Pat Summerall. Pat couldn’t tell the difference between #22 Emmitt Smith and #42 Troy Hambrick. For that matter, I’m not sure that Pat could tell the difference between a quarterback and a farm animal. It’s very sad to see, and hear, a one-time legend working far beyond his prime. Summerall has announced hundreds of football games in his career… and it shows. Each game is taking an ever greater toll on Summerall’s declining skills. Each game becomes a visit to this old guy’s house. In his living room, where he cheers for the Dallas Cowboys. Which would be fine – if he were in his own living room. The problem is, it takes place in MY living room. Bumbling idiot, Cowboys fans aren’t allowed in my living room!

3. My Dog Talks

I thought it would be cute to teach my dogs to say, “I love you.” Some of them are better than others. One sounds like Marlon Brando, and I still can’t understand what the hell he’s saying. But I’ve got one dog that love to imitate new phrases. The more she hears a phrase, the better she gets at sounding it out. Last Sunday, she learned, “Catch the (blank)ing Ball!” She’s heard it at other times, but last Sunday, Redskin receivers dropped enough balls to get my dog hooked on phonics. She could have learned, “Touchdown” or, “Hail to the Redskins.” But NOOOOO! Now every time I turn on the TV, she starts up. If Derrius Thompson could here her, he’d never drop another ball. She’s even improvising new adjectives. Wonder where she got those?

4. Ramsey is Living Proof

There is no doubt the Redskins have found their QB of the future. Patrick Ramsey had a slow start but finished strong to secure his hold on the starting QB spot for next year’s team. With an upgraded offensive line and receivers that can actually ‘catch’ a football – Ramsey will be great next year. Compared to Detroit’s Joey Harrington and Houston’s David Carr, Ramsey outplayed them both. Finally, the Skins can go in to an offseason without the worry of finding a QB. We’ve found one, and he’s going to be a great one!

5. Gardener Continues to Grow

Daryl Gardener continues to grow on fans, players, coaches and the Redskin’s front office. When Daryl Gardener left Redskin Park, he wasn’t carrying a duffle bag full of gear. He held in his massive right hand, one small book. “Who Moved My Cheese” is a best selling book about change and how to view change. When asked why he was packing so light, Gardener told reporters, ‘because I’m 100% certain I’m going to be a Redskin next year.’ He reasoned, why move things that I’ll need very soon. Every time Daryl Gardener opens his mouth, something great comes out. He’s positive, energetic, charismatic, bright and a leader. While the contract terms have yet to be detailed, it’s wonderful to have such a talented player determined to be a member of this team. If he’s not one of your favorite players now, give it time… he’ll grow on you!

6. Fearless Forecast

In the last two games of the season, the Redskins made great strides. Beating the young,talented defense of the Texans and ending the skid against the Cowboys will help matters in the offseason. Steve Spurrier is a gifted, intelligent, adaptable coach. The Redskins lacked talent on the offensive line and depth on the defensive line. Spurrier has had time to evaluate team needs and will be more active in personnel decisions in the coming years. While the Eagles will still be the best team in the division headed into 2003, the Redskins will make huge strides. In 2003, the Washington Redskins will finally break out of the playoff drought. This team has a solid corps of players to build around and with a few key additions, this team will win 10 games next season. Good enough for the playoffs, and good enough to start contending instead of pretending.

Edit: This blog was archived in May of 2016 from our original articles database.It was originally posted by Scott Moore

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