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AM practice

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My first ever Redskins practice and it’s is a hot, hazy day in Ashburn with practice starting off with a little bit of rain. The team stretched for the first 15 minutes and then split into offensive and defensive units.

I’ve been reading in here that Dockery was massive, but you kind of have to experience for yourself to understand. What a beast. He got a lot of work in at both guard spots when the defensive line worked with the offensive line in pass rushing drills. Mike Cecere has muscles on his muscles.

The offense and defense were doing individual drills, but they were noty at full speed and it was hard to get a read on the effectiveness of a player.

After about 1/2 an hour, the offense lined up for some passing drills. They just ran play after play. Patrick Ramsey had both some good throws and some bad throws, but I really noticed Laveranues Coles. Ramsey always seems to find Coles if he gets into trouble in the pocket. Ramsey was spirited in the drills… pumping his fist on good throws and being upset on his bad ones. Not upset in a bad way though… he seems to really enjoy himself out there.

For obvious reasons, I paid special attention to Danny Wuerffel when he was on the field. he actually started off really well before one particularly bad throw, at which point he seemed to get worse and worse. It was getting ugly at Redskin Park with people booing him and heckling him. He didn’t make things any better for himself with a poor morning of practice.

Rob Johnson on the other hand, didn’t look too bad. He made a few nice passes on some deep routes today.

Then the team worked on some special teams drills with Bryan Barker and Brett(?) Bartholomew punting from the end zone. I observed exactly what I read in here last week… Bartholomew is kicking the ball higher and further than Barker. And not just a couple of yards, ten yards more.

Then it was time for some 11 on 11 drills.

The offensive line starters were still from left to right Chris Samuels, Randy Thomas, Larry Moore, Dave Fiore and Jon Jansen. However Fiore and Thomas switched a couple of times that I noticed. They lined up against a defensive line of Renaldo Wynn, Brandon Noble, Jermaine Haley and Regan Upshaw.

The defense really got the better of the offense today. The linebackers were really good. Jeremiah Trotter prompted the biggest crowd reaction of the day when he destroyed Sultan mccullough coming out of the backfield. lavar looked awesome too. He was lining up in all kinds of different positions and blitzing the quarterback all day. He wreaked havoc on the offensive line all day and really looked like he could get to the QB at will.

The secondary also played well. Champ Bailey, Fred Smoot and Rashad Bauman all intercepted passes.

Other stuff… Patrick Woodcock started practice but was on the sideline icing his knee by the end of it. Ladell Betts did some wind sprints but still isn’t participating in the drills.

After practice, we went out for a few beers. (hence the late post) It was a great day… I can’t believe I hadn’t done it before

I’ll try go again a couple more times and send a report.

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