6 Pack: Week 3

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1. We Stunk and you BARELY beat us!
The New York Giants escaped with a win on Sunday. The Redskins played they’re worst game thus far. The Skins contrasted their blown opportunities with multiple gifts to the G-men. Add two missed field goals off the foot of Hall, and the Redskins lost the game in overtime. Against any quality football team, the Redskins would have lost this game by more than 30 points. As it stands now in the NFC East, the Redskins have a legitimate shot at winning the division. Improvements won’t be hard to find, and corrections won’t be hard to fix. Yeah we stunk, but the Giants don’t have the answers either. Losing is never good, but this loss may actually help to steel the resolve of our beloved Skins.

2. Flag Day
Two officials were listed on the PUP list, one of them is considering season-ending ‘Tommy John’ surgery after having thrown more flags on more plays than there were plays. For the most part, the flags were earned, mostly by the Redskins. On a third-and-twenty nine, LB Jerimiah Trotter decided that an incomplete pass wasn’t good enough to end the play. His boneheaded decision to accept the bait of a rookie O-lineman was inexcusable. Trotter is a veteran LB who made several outstanding plays for the Redskins. The single most important penalty was his, Unsportsmanlike Conduct penalty. The 15-yarder gave the Giants an automatic First Down and cost the Redskins valuable field position. Later in the same drive, the Giants scored a TD. Simply put, the flags, the flag-yardage and the lack of discipline cost the Skins the game.

3. Ramsey, the Comeback Kid
We’ve got to be able to find the silver lining as Redskin Fans, and we’ve had lots of practice over the years. Finally, the Redskins have a bonafide QB at the helm! Patrick Ramsey never gave up in an otherwise dismal game. He’s got guts, composure and real talent – three things we haven’t seen at QB since… insert your QB here. I’ll go with Rypien! And Ramsey makes Rypien look robotic!

4. McCants Can, then he Can’t
I really like Darnerian McCants, but he’s gotta be able to learn the simple lesson of: Don’t throw, toss, shove, pretend to throw a caught ball at an opponent…ever. It’s not a terribly complicated lesson. Maybe after a three-hour cram session and Cliff’s Notes, he’ll get the message. He’s got the talent, and did a great job to get open for the 2pt. conversion… but we need his brains more than his talent. His taunting penalty cost the Redskins valuable field position and killed a promising drive. If McCants can’t grow up, and do it quickly, he needs to move on.

5. Stockton’s PJ’s.
Every Sunday, little Dick Stockton had a pregame routine. Growing up as a kid in New York, Stockton was given a pair of New York Giant pajamas. Those pajamas were worn every Sunday the Giants played. In fact, they still are! They don’t have any more elastic, and they resemble a Britney Spears outfit, in a twisted sort of nightmarish version. Stockton showed his PJ’s in every way, shape and form this past Sunday. It’s not too difficult to call a football game on a television broadcast. Even more, it’s not difficult to be unbiased. But when your PJ’s are riding uncomfortably low in full wedgie territory – it’s easy to see for the folks at home.

6. Next week, not next year
It has become a common practice for some to throw away a season before it truly gets started. At this point, the Redskins are tied with the Giants in the W-L columns. The goal for this season should be to make the playoffs – and the Redskins will make the playoffs this year. We have the right mix of veterans, youngsters, speed and talent to make it happen. The next few weeks are very important. But the season is long, and the division is not considered to be the toughest in football. Don’t give up, don’t ever give up! By season’s end, the Redskins will be in the playoffs!

Edit: This blog was archived in May of 2016 from our original articles database.It was originally posted by Scott Moore

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