6 Pack: Week 4

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1. Easy as 1-2-3

Meet Tom White, he’s an official in the National Football League. White was once asked what number he would prefer on the back of his zebra shirt. He said, “Uhm, er, dezerskie, I guess…. One?” Before the inquisitor could say ‘OK,’ White continued… Two? The curious person responded, ‘OK then Twelve it is.” “THREE!” shouted White. ‘OK Tom, so which one is it: one, two, or three.’ White responded, “Yes, I’m pretty sure, I think. Where am I?” Obviously well qualified to be an NFL official, he was given number ‘123.’ The call on the field was ruled incomplete, and at full speed, feet from the action, I don’t blame anyone for blowing a call. But in instant replay, super-slow-motion, with everyone at home watching the same thing he was watching, Tom White blew the call. When asked about the call after the game, White responded by saying. “Well, my name is ‘Tom’ and my Mommy says I need to get on the short bus to get home.”

2. Snap, Crackle….no Pop?

The Redskins acted as if they’d been told not to set foot in the endzone in the first half. Strangely conservative play-calling and more penalties cost the Skins too many opportunities. While Ramsey, Coles, Canidate, Betts and Gardner continue to show promise as weaponry, the early drives fell short. The Skins defense had to step up and make plays, and did they ever. We’ve gotta get the ball in the endzone early and often. When the Skins learn to convert drives to TD’s instead of FG’s, they’ll be tough to stop, er – POP?

3. Centers of attention

Former Redskin, Larry Centers made his presence known late in the game. At the end of a play, he flew over a tackled ball carrier and speared Jeremiah Trotter who was standing still. Using the top of his helmet, he hit Trotter in the chin. He was flagged for the play, more importantly, he’s now known as Cheapshot Centers. What comes around, goes around in the NFL. It won’t be long before Larry Centers takes a shot to the chin himself. Personally, I’ll cherish the moment. Centers even whiffed on one other attempt, cheapshotting his own player from behind. Nice work Larry!

4. Eye on Sports

CBS’s team of Greg Gumble and Phil Simms teamed for an excellent game in the booth. It’s been so many years now, I can’t remember actually enjoying listening to a pair of broadcasters in the booth. Far be it from me to say something positive about the boys calling the game… but these two are the best in football. They were insightful, intelligent, consistent and professional throughout the entire game. The pair even suggested that Tom White had blown the call… which he did. Nice job fellas, could you conduct seminars for all the other NFL commentators?

5. Salty Dog

Every time Chad Morton touches the ball, a jolt of electricity runs though any Redskin fan with a pulse. Most players with the size of Morton never make it in the NFL, but Morton is a rising star. Morton’s efforts have paid off handsomely for the Skins and he’s on the verge of breaking one, it’s just a matter of time. Morton, along with Dante Hall are the cream of the crop in the return game. Remember to breath while watching Morton, otherwise, you could end up passing out before he takes one to the endzone.

6. Eggles

One game to the next, the Philadelphia Eagles don’t know what to expect. One game, QB Donovan McNabb looks like a cross-dressing mix between Tony Banks and Shane Matthews. The next, as in Buffalo, McNabb looks like a Superstar. He IS the Eagles. If you stop McNabb, you stop the Eagles – on both sides of the ball. The trick is: Stopping McNabb. The Skins need to win the majority of games against division rivals, and stomping McNabb would be a good start.

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