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…Ok, I admit it I was calling this season’s Redskins offensive line the second coming of the fabled “Hogs.” Based on their performance thus far in the season, I have been disappointed. They have allowed too much pressure on the quarterback and have caused Ramsey to take a beating. The bookends (Samuels and Jansen) have looked like bullfighters side stepping the bull at times as they have allowed defenders to beat them badly to the outside. Samuels continues to struggle with mindless penalties, as he seems to get lost during audibles at the line. The guards and center have shown some signs that they have played the position before but overall the line has not been the dominating force that it has the potential to be. If they don’t give Ramsey better protection, the Redskins will be looking for another signal caller.

…What is the problem with the Redskins and their audibles? It is a common thing that is done by teams starting at about the junior high level. They are an integral part of Spurrier’s offense and the offensive unit’s level of success depends greatly on how successfully they are done. It appears that no one on the offensive line has been told this. Chris Samuels was motioning that he couldn’t hear Ramsey’s cadence and that is the reason for his seemingly constant movement before the snap. Maybe we should equip Ramsey’s helmet with a bullhorn so that all the linemen, fans, announcers and the guys in the blimp can hear the call at the line. Or maybe we should stick headphones in the helmets of the linemen?

…I always believed that everyone was entitled to his or her opinion. Then I ran into a clown on a web chat of which I am a member. Now I believe an addendum should be added that says only those who are capable of rational thought should be allowed to offer opinions. The clown’s opinion would be disqualified based on the aforementioned addendum. I still believe that a person has the right to voice their opinion but I don’t feel that right calls for that opinion to be heard. Your opinion is yours but if I don’t want to hear it, I should be able to exercise my right to not listen. Take the Rush Limbaugh/ESPN issue that has run its course through the media, fans and the players themselves. People have hashed and rehashed this issue for what seems like months. It is time to give this issue a proper burial and move on.

…At what point did the officials decide they should have a bearing on the contest they are officiating? It seems to be more and more common to see an official make a call that seemingly changes the outcome of a contest. I have seen more blown calls in the last six weeks of football in both the NFL and college to last the entire season. These weren’t just little calls either; they were blown calls made at crucial times in games that left one of the teams suffering. While I understand that the college officials don’t have the advantage of a replay, it appears now that the NFL refs don’t either. The rules on the replay are so limited that it doesn’t make much sense to even have the option available. It appears that the referees feel they have to be as much a part of the game as the players who play it. To all you officials out there, remember this the next time you want to pull you flag for a ridiculous call — nobody comes to a game decked out in their zebra attire to watch you whip out your flags, blow your whistle and then get in your huddles to chat about who knows what. The fans you see in the stands are there to see the game, NOT you.

…I am a fantasy sports fanatic. I thought I would share with you how my football team, (pretty catchy name huh?) was doing through the first five weeks of the NFL season. Well, we sit at 5-0 with an offense being powered by a guy named Patrick Ramsey. Currently we stand, as the lone undefeated team in Central Pennsylvania’s A League of Their Own. If you have never participated in a fantasy league, do it. It is the most addictive thing I have gotten into and it only gets worse. You will never watch football, baseball or any other sport the same way again.

That’s it from the Cheap Seats, be sure to stop by next week for a look at the Major League baseball playoffs.

– Wingman

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