6 Pack: Week 5

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1. Flinch, Flinch Jr., Whiffer and Flinch-Lite.

Derrick “Flinch” Dockery had more false-starts than a turret-syndrom patient in church on Sunday. Something about his flinchiness was contageous. Samuels and Jansen were, “Flinch Junior” and “Flinch Lite” respectively, alternating jumps as if they were contestants on “What’s My Line?” Actually, that’s a good question. What is our line? Larry “Whiffer” Moore, did an excellent job of tamping down the turf at Lincoln Financial Field on Sunday. Moore used his chest, rump and face-mask on at least 50% of his plays on Sunday. Of the five, Randy Thomas was the only respectable performace – OK so, we have one offensive lineman. Anyone else wanna play?

2. Ramming Ramsey

Patrick Ramsey has good reason to be off target a few times a game. Unfortunately, his last off target throw was his most important. Laveranues Coles was wide-open in the endzone for an easy two-point converstion on Sunday. But Ramsey had developed a mantra throughout the game in Philly, “Don’t get sacked, Don’t get sacked, Don’t get sacked… damn that hurts.” Ramsey got pounded on far too many plays, as he has been pounded all season. Still, he found a way to get the Skins back in the game. Ramsey has talent, guts and leadership – without protection, all of that could amount to a short-lived career. Somebody, for the love of all that is holy and good, block for Patrick Ramsy – I’m begging. Please, please, please, oh really – please, pa-leeeeze????

3. On-Side Kick!

When was the last time a Redskin team actually recovered an on-side kick? I don’t have an answer, I’m really curious. Until last Sunday, I don’t remember any on-side kick. John Hall’s perfectly executed kick combined with Bryan Johnson’s recovery gave the Skins a chance at the end of the game. Hall has been better than advertised. He can kick, extra-points and field-goals. He’s an outstanding tackler and he can kick the ball deep enough to have opponents start deep in their own territory. John Hall is a football player AND a kicker, those two titles are rarely used together in the NFL.

4. Chamberlain comes aboard

Tight End, Byron Chamberlain was an excellent pick-up for the Skins this week. He’s big, tough, good run-blocker, soft handed and in need of a fresh start. He’ll certainly have the opportunity to prove himself in this offense. A former-Bronco and a former-Viking, Chamberlain has been around the NFL long enough to know the tricks of the trade. Personally, I think he’ll be a favorite target for the Skins in the very near future.

5. TB or not TB

The Bucs are still reeling from their defeat at the hands of the mighty Colts, Monday Night. After blowing a 28 point-lead, the Bucs found themselves in Overtime. The Colts defense stopped the Bucs and Peyton Manning drove the ball down field. On fourth down, the Colts kicker pushed his attempted wide-right. But the Bucs were penalized for “Leaping.” Leaping? That’s a penalty? Now ‘Prancing’ might be a penalty. ‘Prancing Daintily’ should be a multi-game suspension, a fifteen yard penalty AND a fine. But – “Leaping.” How would you like to be quoted after this one? “Yeah, we lost the game. We practice not-leaping every day. But some guys just try to make plays and before they know it, they’re leaping….” poor Bucs.

6. Take a Look at the NFC East

The Cowboys lead the NFC East at 3-1. No really, they do.
The Redskins trail the Boys by a half game… and could easily be 5-0.
The Eagles and Giants are lucky to be tied for last place at 2-2.
Nobody will run away with this division, and the Skins have as good a chance as anyone to win it. And that’s the best hope of making the playoffs, we need to win this division… and that isn’t as tough as winning some of the others.

Edit: This blog was archived in May of 2016 from our original articles database.It was originally posted by Scott Moore

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