Week 10: The Panthers

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1. TD or not TD?
With the Skins leading late in the 4th Quarter, Ex-Redskin Stephen Davis was handed the ball near the goal line. The ball was knocked loose and the Redskins recovered. However, one official raised his arms indicating a touchdown. The ruling on the field was upheld for lack of evidence in the replay. Watching the play, again and again, it appeared that Davis’ knee was clearly down prior to his “stretch.” It was a little like watching your Mothers’ favorite vase fall off the mantel, a dozen times. It’s time to pick up the pieces – again.

2. My Foot!
Patrick Ramsey’s foot has been broken for the past several weeks – it was announced by Coach Spurrier after the latest loss to the Panthers. Ramsey’s been hit, kicked, stomped, thrown, punched, cheapshotted and splattered for 9 weeks. Even a bona fide NFL QB might have found a way to stay out of the lineup. He could have used any excuse, the could have whined and cried, he could have sued the team for lack of support – but Patrick Ramsey is tougher than any QB in the NFL. If he’s able to walk by the end of the year, Ramsey has a shot to be the best Redskins QB in their storied history. Better than Sammy, better than Sonny and better than Joey T. Please, can we get this guy some protection?

3. Hang on to the Rock
Rock Cartwright had a costly fumble against the Panthers – and so what? Rock has been a breath of fresh air to the otherwise limping backfield. He’s tough, gives every play 110% and is on the verge of becoming a star. He will make mistakes from time to time, but the former 7th Round pick has shown far too much heart and ability to see his role reduced. One fumble doesn’t define Cartwright, nor did it cost the Skins the game. Give Rock the Rock and lets Rock and Roll!

4. Got a Hanky?
Until last Sunday, the Redskins were on pace to be the most penalized team in NFL history. But on Sunday, against the Panthers, the Redskins did something amazing – zero penalties for zero yards… 0-0. No false starts, no stupid personal fouls, no jumps offside, no pass interference, no illegal formations, not even a delay-of-game penalty. The result of all that discipline allowed the Skins to actually remain in contention for a victory. Even though the Skins came out on the short end… we had a chance.

5. Norv is Next
The week after the Skins faced their former rushing leader, the former leader of the Redskins awaits in Miami. Norv Turner is the offensive coordinator for the Miami Dolphins. Turner hasn’t set the NFL on fire with his talent for the Dolphins. In fact, they were able to squeak out a 9-6 Overtime victory last week… at home. While the Ravens defense is one of the best in the NFL, the score was tied at 6 at the end of regulation. Look for the Dolphins to vary the snap count on every play. Also, be on the look out for any explosive offense from the Dolphins. The Dolphins have been looking for the same all season.

6. NFC East-err
OK, the Cowboys and Eagles are tied at 7-3, the Skins and Giants are tied at 4-5. A week in the NFL can make all the difference in the division title. The Cowboys have a much tougher schedule ahead of them to finish than they did to start. The Eagles are spastic at best… the Skins still have a shot to get in the hunt. Why not us?

Edit: This blog was archived in May of 2016 from our original articles database.It was originally posted by Scott Moore

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