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Interviews Washington Commanders

The Redskins* lost again Sunday to the Saints, another team they could have beaten. The habit is locked in. Again our defense faltered in the fourth quarter, giving up a go-ahead touchdown late in the game. Our guys just cannot seem to make a play when they need to late in the game, whether it be on defense, offense, whatever.
Mr. Ramsey got to rest, his foot still in a cast. Mr. Hasselbeck played well at Qback. Still had good rhythm, got rid of the ball quickly, and dodged the rush pretty well. Result, no sacks. But his play, like the team’s overall play, was not quite good enough.

November was definitely a moving month for our Redskins, backwards. Isn’t it interesting how four teams went in different directions since early September: Redskins, New England, Giants, and the Rams. The Redskins and Giants have only won one or two games since early season success, while New England and the Rams have won a lot. Success is all about winning in the

This week the Redskins get to travel to the Giants and will probably have to play in the snow. Two 4 – 8 teams, duking it out in the Meadowlands for pride, pride in themselves. Nobody cares about this game except Giants fans and Redskins fans. About all we have is “Bragging Rights” from this game. Let’s see, when was the last time the Redskins beat the Giants? Shoot, I don’t have my yearly results file with me, but I venture to guess, it’s been years. Coach Spurrier has never beaten the Giants. That is incentive enough, right there. Go Skins!!!

Cheers…MikeyT., Boss Hogette, HoF ’99

* Thank heaven for Jim Thorpe, a man who helped pro football, now the passionate NFL game we love today, get started.

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