Week 12

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1. Salty Dog

You know that feeling you get when it’s time to test a 9-volt battery? That one moment, just as you convince yourself to stick your tongue out and the battery is raised to about an 1/8th of an inch before contact… that’s Chad Morton waiting to catch a ball in the air. He burst through would-be-tacklers on his way to score a 94-yard kickoff return on Sunday. Morton is certainly worth his salt!

2. McAllister McAll-Star

Duce McAllister often makes people look foolish when trying to bring him down. McAllister gave the Redskins the honor of bouncing to the ground at his feet on Sunday. After 30 carries for 165 yards, McAllister had to be pulled before the end of the game on Sunday with a rather serious case of the giggles.

3. Play Calling?

Steve Spurrier ignored pleas from his offensive linemen to RUN THE BALL. Trung Canidate rushed for 115 yards on only 16 carries – including one for 38 yards. Still, Spurrier chose to put all the weight of winning the game on first-time-starter, Tim Hasselbeck. Hasselbeck put in a good days work, but was simply asked to do too much. Note to the Ballcoach: If you’re averaging 7.2 yards per carry… RUN THE BALL!

4. Welcome Back Trotter

Jeremiah Trotter was a welcome face in the lineup on Sunday. He’s been missing in action for the past several weeks. Trotter roamed the field, read & reacted well on Sunday. Ten tackles, one assist, two passes defended – sounds like a middle linebacker. He’s entirely too talented to play a game without double-digit tackles. He’s just now finding his comfort zone… and it’s about time.

5. Improvement? Yes!

Wins and losses are the ultimate test of a team. But last year’s team was blown out of games through the first 10 weeks of 2002. The Eagles, 49’ers, Saints, Packers and Jaguars thumped the Skins badly. Losing by fewer points doesn’t always translate to improvement, but in this case it does. Only two teams, Tampa Bay and Buffalo, have beaten the Skins by more than seven points. The Redskins haven’t been able to finish in close games. Last season, there were no close games. If we continue to show heart and effort, this team will be ready to compete in 2004.

6. Up Next

The Giants are up next for the Skins. The same Giant team that won an awful football game in Week 2, 24-21 in Over-Time. The Giants are tied with the Redskins for last place in the NFC East. Most consider this game a waste of time. But this game may well decide each team’s short-term future. This game will come down to who has more pride, honor and discipline. The Redskins need to decide if they’re professional football players. If they do, they’ll whip the Giants – even with an untested QB. If they don’t, this might be one of the worst football games ever played… stay tuned.

Edit: This blog was archived in May of 2016 from our original articles database.It was originally posted by Scott Moore

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