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Note from Boss Hogette

By Mark Solway | December 11th, 2003

How ’bout them Redskins*!!! They went into the Meadowlands on a cold, windy December day (the usual weather up there) and whipped up on them Giants. That has not happened in a long, long time, too long a time. As Fred Smoot said a couple of weeks ago, “We (the players) have to step up and make plays.” People made plays this time around. No fourth quarter let downs by the defense. In fact, Jesse Armstead led the charge in the fourth, he was all over the field. Guess he had something to show his ex-teammates. The Redskins managed the ball very well, and young Mr. Hasselbeck played well again at Qback. With good rhythm, he got rid of the ball quickly, and again, no sacks. The
O-line had a solid game. Who is that new left tackle, any way, you never hear his name? That is good. My favorite Redskins analyst, Hog Rick “Doc” Walker called it a “quality” win. I agree. It is nice to talk about a win for a change, especially when it is the Giants.

This week the Redskins get to host our favorite team and our favorite coach, the Cowboys and the “Big Tuna”. In Dallas back in November, the Cowboys gave the Redskins every chance to win, but we did not take advantage of the opportunities. Now it is time to take care of business in front of the home crowd. Show all we do have what it takes to win in this league. Get another trend started. Let’s go do it. Go Skins!!!

Cheers…MikeyT., Boss Hogette, HoF ’99

* Thank heaven for Jim Thorpe, a man who helped pro football, now the passionate NFL game we love today, get started.

Edit: This blog was archived in May of 2016 from our original articles database.It was originally posted by Mikey T aka Boss Hogette

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