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What Do You Even Say?

By Mark Solway | January 8th, 2004

What do you even say?

With a million words being written about the return of Joe Gibbs today, we were trying to figure out we could say that wasn’t going to be written dozens of times over.

We though that for a change we would put together some of the comments that our message board visitors have been making. This is a fan site and we think that while evryone is citing Gibbs’ history, and NASCAR accomplishments, we’d post how this monumental occurrence has affected the most important people in the organization… the fans.

Here are some of their coments:

“Fire up the Bandwagon Tony K. no need to wait. That stampede you here is all the Skins fans coming back. I’m not even going to get into all the what if’s today. I’m just going to enjoy it the rest of today. Just broke the news to my 10 year old son, he was jumping for joy…this from a kid who wasn’t even born when Gibbs coached…but he knew who he is. I told him what a great thrill it is going to be for him to watch a legend coach.”

“AMAZING what one man can do for a fan, team and city. Tell me you didn’t thrown on your Redskins hat, shirt and have a little pride!”

“This team needs an identity, a path; Joe Gibbs is the one person who could provide that.”

— DEHog

“Today, I declared it national Joe Gibbs day, urged children not to go to school, had neighbors over at the house to eat a Skins cake I had made. Told everyone to wear Redskins jersey’s, watched t.v all day, and RedskinsCenter (the only thing on Sports Center all day was Skins stuff..) Broke out old tapes of Gibbs’ glory years wearing the burgundy had with the yellow R, and reveled in the moment… ”

“Whether we like it or not, each offseason he (Dan Snyder) makes us forget about the disheartening events, and revel in the moment and hype of what he does, looking forward to the next season. I told myself going into the offseason, I’m not going to get too excited, no matter what happens………. I said I wouldn’t be excited, but more than ever I can’t wait for training camp, for mini camp, for the draft, for the season, the pre season. Most of all, I can’t wait for tommorrow, not knowing who will come back, or what will come.”

— Redskins56

“Funny, seems like we went from the team with the least coaching experience, to the team with the most…….overnite. Oh, wait we did.
…am i still dreaming????”

— Hailskins666

“How many free-agents will be saying ‘Wow, I would love to play for Joe Gibbs’ this off-season? ”

— ANT7088

“I feel like a group hug now because our pain and suffering is over. I’m not talking super bowl next year, I’m talking respectability. ”

— HitDoctor

“Makes a grown man weep for joy. And to think, I’ve had to bring myself outta the dumps by watching old Gibbs superbowl vhs tapes. ”

— skins74

There were even some great comments from Cowboy fans:

“Congratulations guys… although this will cause us Cowboys fans some heartache, it was a good move for football, the skins organization, the fans and the DC metro area. It was a very exciting day even for me. The NFC East is back.”

— gambit187

“I’m really happy for you guys. No doubt Gibbs is the perfect choice for the Skins. I had really hoped that you guys would bring in Fassel or Rhodes. I have no fear of those guys. Gibbs on the other hand demands respect, even from Cowboy fans.”

“It’s nice to have some spice back in the rivalry.”


We appreciate everyone who stops by the message boards, and everyone is always welcome. Drop in, sign up, and talk about the best football franchise on the planet.

Edit: This blog was archived in May of 2016 from our original articles database.It was originally posted by Mark Solway

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