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Just Say No to Denver

By Scott Moore | February 25th, 2004

The recent talks between the Denver Broncos and the Washington Redskins have been made very public. The rumor is a trade involving two of the best players in the NFL – Champ Bailey, the Redskins shut-down corner and Clinton Portis, the Broncos young, talented, super-stud running back. The Redskins should take a step back and ‘just say, NO.’

Included in the supposed talks, the Redskins would ship their second round pick to the Broncos WITH Bailey for the rights to Portis. This would be a mistake for the Redskins in many ways. The talks are upside down. If there is a party in the mix that should be providing more to entice the offer – it’s Denver. In fact, the Redskins should consider demanding a player like, Denver’s DT, Darius Holland in addition to Portis. Further, the Redskins could probably secure Holland, Portis and a late-round pick for Bailey.

The Redskins may feel that they have no choice but to unload Bailey for whatever they can get. Portis would be a terrific consolation prise, but the loss of a second round pick would be devasting to the rebuilding effort. A second-round pick in the NFL should be on the field within a year or two.

The Redskins would be better served spending their pick on Steven Jackson, RB from Oregon State and keeping Bailey at the increased
cost. Bailey will likely sign a contract for less money that he’s already been offered by the Redskins “IF” the Broncos are able to swing the trade.

In the end, this deal smells like to sports agents hired a writer from the HBO series- Arliss. Both players will recieve a increase in their percieved value. Thereby, their future term contracts will be longer and fatter than they would have been otherwise. From the start, this “blockbuster trade” has pure greed and/or unhappiness at it’s base.

— Scooter

Edit: This blog was archived in May of 2016 from our original articles database.It was originally posted by Scott Moore

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