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Top 32 Overall

By Scott Moore | March 1st, 2004

1. Sean Taylor

Taylor is simply the most prepared, most talented, best player in the draft. He’s big, strong, tough and very competitive. He’ll be a instant starter in the NFL – and we’re betting instant Pro Bowl – starter too.

2. Steven Jackson

Our previously ranked #1 didn’t do anything to drop in our rankings. He’s going to be an outstanding Pro. Jackson will be the ‘coulda, woulda, shoulda’ pick in the draft. He probably won’t be drafted in the top 10. He’ll remind GM’s of that fact often.

3. Mike Williams

We were shocked to see the USC wide-out declare for the draft. He was so impressive, we had penciled him in for the best player in ’05. In his brief college career, Mike Williams was a man among boys. At the next level, he’ll beat Randy Moss’ numbers and not be Randy Moss in the locker room.

4. Kellen Winslow, Jr.

Tight Ends rarely rank this high overall. But Winslow has a skill package that will draw the attention of every NFL team. He’s a complete TE, with H-back potential. Winslow is ready to play at the next level – and he’ll make his Daddy very proud.

5. Larry Fitzgerald

Another youngster coming out early. Size, speed, ability, agility, game-breaker… oh, by the way, he’s FAST too. In the top 5, and probably ranked too low – but it’s crowded at the top! Great college player, will prove to be just as good at the next level.

6. Ben Roethlisberger

Big Ben is a pure stud! He’s got size, good feet, a very good arm and intelligence. Our Top rated QB, he’s most valuable as a leader. He may not have the NFL family ties, but he’s got everything it takes to be a winner.

7. Roy Williams

Let’s see… size, speed, good ball skills, man among boys in college… what can we say, Roy Williams is going to make someone very happy in the NFL. Throughout his career he’ll be measured against the other Williams and Fitzgerald. Don’t be too surprised if he’s on top in the comparisons.

8. DJ Williams

A line-backer who can run like the wind, hit like a train and pounce like a mountain lion. In a star-studded lineup at Miami, Williams had to share the spot-light. He’ll do the same at the next level. This DJ will crank out the hits!

9. Eli Manning

We know, we know… he’s ranked too low. But hey, Eli used to it. “Your Dad was great. Your Brother IS great.” How much pressure is going to be applied to Eli? Too much, too early – but he’ll end up tougher for it in the long-run. Eli’s got all the physical tools and skills and leadership ability to make it.

10. Vince Wilfork

Imagine a younger, stronger, faster, more talented – less-mouthy Warren Sapp… meet Vince Wilfork. Double-teams were routine in college, if not a triple-team. He’ll create all kinds of problems in the NFL, the right kind of problems.

11. Robert Gallery

The best OL in the draft. Left Tackles are at a premium, and Gallery will be able to adapt his game to the next level. If your O-line needs help, this kid is going to bring a bodyguard/ chief of security/ mean-streak bouncer – attitude to the party.

12. Kenechi Udeze

A game-changing body with speed to burn. Udeze is young, and might have benefited from another year at USC – but their loss is the NFL’s gain. He’ll be a great addition to anyone in need of a nightmarish DE. QB’s Beware!

13. Derrick Strait

Strait was only the best CB for the best defense in college football. Maybe you didn’t notice – but Strait can play the corner as well as anyone. He’s got excellent ball skills, a knack for making big plays – and he’s not afraid to tackle… what’s not to like?

14. Phil Rivers

Rivers gained ground on our top rated QB’s. At one point, we were calling Rivers the ‘Patrick Ramsey of ’04’ – but Rivers has asserted himself well. His Combine performance, along with his all-star games have given Rivers a serious edge. Some teams won’t be too antsy with Big Ben and Eli gone… they’ll lay back and wait for Rivers – and won’t be at all disappointed.

15. Tommie Harris

Harris has great speed. He’ll be able to play inside or outside at the next level. He’s got to learn better technique – but we don’t doubt he will. He’ll have to add a few pounds to play inside, and add some strength. In the pro-day workouts, Harris might move up considerably.

16. Reggie Williams

When in doubt – draft a Williams. This time it’s youthful talent of Reggie Williams. He’s big, very fast and good with the ball. He’ll be able to make up for his inexperience with some hard work. Reggie Williams won’t be anyones consolation prize – he’s a bona fide first-rounder in a crowded WR draft.

17. Marcus Tubbs

This Longhorn DT is a workhorse. He’s added some muscle and improved his footwork. Probably the most impressive DT at the NFL Combine – Tubbs is worthy of a ranking in our Top 20. Higher than most, but he’s going to be a star.

18. Rashaun Woods

At Oklahoma State, Woods was a solid stud. He’s got great hands and runs better than most people give him credit for. When the ball is in the air – it belongs to Rashaun Woods. He’ll show you soon enough.

19. Shaun Phillips

He’s gone under the radar in the ‘Year of the WR.’ At DE or at LB, he’ll be a force. Beyond good size and speed, Phillips plays with a great will to win. Another guy not rated highly by other folks – but we like him a lot!

20. Kevin Jones

A bit of a disappointing ’04 campaign, but don’t be fooled. Jones is a talented, NFL caliber back. If he has a chance to showcase his ability to catch the ball out of the backfield, he’d be perfect in a West Coast offense.

21. Chris Perry

Perry faced the best of the best in college – and excelled. He may well prove himself to be the best RB in the draft. He’s tough, runs well inside, runs well outside, catches the ball out of the backfield and has breakaway speed.

22. Chris Gamble

Gamble is gifted. He’s got size, speed and ability at several positions on the field. At Cornerback, he’ll find NFL WR’s a bit harder to handle. If he applies himself and works hard – Chris Gamble just might be a lock-down corner at the next level.

23. Shane Andrews

The only other OL in our Top 32, Andrews has size, size and he’s big too. Even guys in the NFL will have to take a cab to get around this kid! He’s surprisingly fleet-footed for a guy 6’5″ and 371 lbs.

24. DeAngelo Hall

Exactly 23 spots lower than DeAngelo Hall will tell you he should be ranked. But it ain’t braggin’ if you can back it up! Hall will learn the ropes in the NFL as a DB, but will make an immediate impact on Special Teams as a return man.

25. Ben Troupe

A ‘man’s man’ TE with talent galore. He’s a good offensive lineman and unselfish, intelligent football player. He’s not afraid to give up his body to make the tough catch either… a nice combination for any TE. Troupe is very special!

26. Randy Starks

Fighting his way back from injuries might scare some GM’s, but when you’re in a fight – you want this guy on your side. He’s a mauler, brawler, tough guy. He’s technically sound and uses leverage well. Once the questions about his health are clear – he’s worth a very high pick… trust us.

27. Michael Jenkins

Ohio State’s WR catches everything you throw at him. He runs good routes, blocks down field and finds ways to put the ball in the end zone. He can run, jump and catch with the best of them. Jenkins is one of the players that makes GM’s and coaches look good.

28. Lee Evans

No question about it – Lee Evans is an NFL WR. Here’s a kid that worked his way back from a serious knee injury – only to put up a FASTER 40-time than before he got hurt. He’s a dedicated student of the game and a great guy off the field too.

29. Karlos Dansby

Great size and ability to play inside or outside linebacker puts Dansby in our Top 32. If Auburn had been more fortunate on the field, Dansby would be better known. As it is – he’ll be a steal.

30. Dunta Robinson

Literally burst on the scene at the NFL Combine. He posted what some scouts are calling, ‘sub- 4.3’ speed. He’s got talent as a cover man, but speed is so critical in today’s NFL – Robinson will garner a lot of attention.

31. Cedric Cobbs

All this guy has ever done is produce, produce, produce. Quietly, he’s risen to our #31 spot and just may keep moving up the charts in NFL War Rooms around the nation.

32. Vernon Carey

Another Hurricane? Yes, and a tough offensive lineman that will be able to start at OG in the NFL in ’04. In the right system, he’ll move to OLT in a few years and land in the Pro Bowl year after year.

Edit: This blog was archived in May of 2016 from our original articles database.It was originally posted by Scott Moore

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