Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus…

NFL Washington Commanders

With the stroke of midnight came the most anticipated and perhaps the busiest time of the NFL season…the free agency signing period has come again. Many look forward to this time of year like kids waiting for Christmas. Much like last season, the Redskins will be looking over the list of free agents and determining who is naughty or nice. The fans have their wish lists and the Redskins certainly have theirs. On that list are names like Jevon Kearse, Cornelius Griffin and Robaire Smith. Mix in Shawn Springs, Troy Vincent, and Chris Gardocki with that list as well as the signings of Mark Brunell and Clinton Portis and you can see why there is more excitement in the Redskins Nation than a child on Christmas Eve. You can bet that Daniel Snyder will again be playing the part of Santa flying all over the country in his sleigh (a.k.a. Redskin One) delivering his cheer in the form of offer sheets, contracts and bonus money.

With every Christmas comes presents and today will be no different as the Redskins front office will undoubtedly be delivering some expensive gifts in the way of NFL players to the fans and the Redskins coaching staff. On a day that figures to be so busy that we as fans may need a scorecard and a calculator to keep track of the signings as well as the salary cap, you will need a friend to help make sense of all the days Redskins happenings. In keeping with the Christmas spirit, we at offer the fans a present of their own, as Mark Solway will be joining the Pro Football Central’s radio show between 8 and 9 pm ET tonight to discuss the current state of the Redskins and the other free agent signings that we will made to the current Redskin squad. Be sure to check out the show as mark (aka Boss Hog) will bring the keen insight that has made the hottest Redskins site on the ‘net.

So sit back enjoy the show as Coach Gibbs leads the tribe into this, his first free agency period under the salary cap. But do not worry my Redskin brethren, Coach will have plenty of help battling the trials and tribulations of the NFL salary cap. Now, the real excitement will be what gifts Santa Snyder will leave him under the tree.


Edit: This blog was archived in May of 2016 from our original articles database.It was originally posted by Les Barnhart

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