Wingman’s Mock Draft #2

NFL Draft

Here is the second run at picks for the 2004 Draft on April 24-25th:

1. San Diego Chargers- Larry Fitzgerald-WR- Pittsburgh
The talk surrounding this pick is that they may trade out but if they stay, they go with the best receiver in the draft. Considering that they have committed to Brees for at least one more season means little but the fact that Schottenheimer hates taking quarterbacks in the first round means a lot. Also, they will need to replace the loss of their only true receiving threat, David Boston.

2. Oakland Raiders- Eli Manning-QB- Mississippi
More talk about trades at this pick. But if the Raiders stay at this pick, they go with Manning, who may or may not the best QB in the draft. Gannon’s days in the sun are numbered and with the other option being Tuiosiopo, the Raiders need and get their present and future with Manning.

3. Arizona Cardinals-Ben Rothlisberger-QB- Miami of Ohio
Considering that the Cardinals are under the Dennis Green regime and they will soon be moving into a new stadium, they need a franchise quarterback to lead them (as well as sell tickets) and they get one in Rothlisberger. He has some weapons but his main concern may be learning to throw from his back.

4. New York Giants-Robert Gallery-OT-Iowa
The Giants are another team that has been talking about trading out. The first pick of the Coughlin era is critical and with that pick they take the best lineman (either side of the ball) in the draft in Gallery. The Giants are hoping that one of the two quarterbacks (Manning or Rothlisberger) drop to them at this pick.

5. Washington Redskins-Sean Taylor-S- Miami
Another team that has been reportedly shopping their pick. There has been talk about drafting Gallery and getting rid of Chris Samuels. Assuming this pick still belongs to the Redskins, they go with a player that could have the biggest impact on his team. Taylor is a true stud in the mold of a Ronnie Lott type player.

6. Detroit Lions-Steven Jackson-RB-Oregon State
This may be too high a pick for Jackson but he is the cream of the running backs in the draft and the Lions are in desperate need for a quality back. Something they haven’t had since #20 was in their backfield. The Lions could also use this pick on Winslow Jr.

7. Cleveland Browns-Kellen Winslow Jr-TE-Miami
With Winslow and their addition of Jeff Garcia, the Browns offense is really shaping up well. With Dennis Northcutt’s poor attitude toward the team quite certain and his future uncertain, they will need a pass catcher like Winslow.

8. Atlanta Falcons-Vince Wilfork-DT-Miami
You know that the first pick of the Jim Mora Jr. era has to be defense and they certainly get a good one with Wilfolk, with whom a defense can be built around.

9. Jacksonville Jaguars-Kenechi Udeze-DE-USC
They need a receiver as well but this kid has too much potential to pass up and the Jags are confident that they can add a quality receiver later in the draft with the depth this year.

10. Houston Texans-DeAngelo Hall-CB-Virginia Tech
The better of the Texas teams address a major need in their secondary as well as another Dante Hall as this Hall has also excelled on special teams. The Texans could also go with Dunta Robinson but either way, they use this pick on defense.

11. Pittsburgh Steelers-Philip Rivers-QB-North Carolina State
With Rivers on the board and the increasing questions about the real Tommy Maddox, it makes sense for this pick. They could also use this pick to address their secondary woes.

12. New York Jets-Dunta Robinson-CB-South Carolina
Since DeAngelo Hall is off the boards, the Jets take the standout corner that many had him #1 or #2 behind Hall. Herman Edwards loves all that Robinson brings to the table.

13. Buffalo Bills-Will Smith-DE-Ohio State
The Bills are another team that is banking on finding quality at receiver later in the draft as they shockingly pass on both Roy and Mike Williams to address a huge area of concern. Smith should make an immediate impact on their porous defensive line.

14. Chicago Bears-Tommie Harris-DT-Oklahoma
With Lovie Smith now in charge, defense will again be a concern of the Bears. Since a dominant defense starts up front, picking Harris makes perfect sense.

15. Tampa Bay Buccaneers-Randy Starks-DT-Maryland
The Bucs are in the middle of a reorganization as Gruden is casting away members of the team that he inherited and replacing them with ones sharing his mentality. He has several holes to fill and addresses the loss of Warren Sapp with the addition of the wide bodied Starks.

16. San Francisco 49ers-Roy Williams-WR-Texas
With the departure of T.O. and Tai Streets, the 49ers will need more that Brandon Lloyd to open up the pass offense. Williams could quickly make the Bay area forget about the troublesome T.O.

*17. Denver Broncos- Ben Watson-TE-Georgia
The Broncos have several holes to fill but with the largest hole being on offense with the loss of Portis’ play making, the Broncos need to use this pick to replenish their offensive firepower. Watson will serve as Shannon Sharpe’s protégé.

18. New Orleans Saints-DJ Williams-LB-Miami
The Saints need defensive help so they could go anywhere here. They may look hard at CB Chris Gamble (OSU) who also played receiver and returned kicks in college.

19. Minnesota Vikings-Vernon Carey-OG-Miami
This could be too high a pick for a guard but Carey is the best interior lineman on the board and the fact that he can play both guard and right tackle makes him invaluable. With Carey along side Bryant McKinnie, the Vikings could have one of the best tackle-guard combos in the NFL.

20. Miami Dolphins-Shawn Andrews-OT-Arkansas
The Dolphins net one of the big fish in the draft as they take the 6’6″, 365lb monster. Andrews should be an immediate force on the line and his arrival will be welcomed by Ricky Williams.

21. New England Patriots-Kevin Jones-RB-Virginia Tech
Still a lot of talk about the Patriots using this pick in a package deal to move up. Assuming they are still holding this pick, they will use it to draft a replacement for Antowain Smith. They could also take Chris Perry of Michigan, who many feel is the better back.

22. Dallas Cowboys-Chris Perry-RB-Michigan
The other team in Texas has several pressing needs to address. The biggest of which is he lack of a legitimate running back. That ends with this pick as they add another Wolverine to their backfield along with QB Drew Henson.

23. Seattle Seahawks-Darnell Dockett-DT-Florida State
Those Seahawk fans worrying about life after Randle (who is retiring) shall worry no more as they fill that spot with a player that plays a lot like Randle himself.

*24. Cincinnati Bengals-Will Poole-CB-USC
Even though they have acquired Deltha O’Neal, the Bengals look to make their defensive backfield airtight with this pick.

25. Green Bay Packers-Mike Williams-WR-USC
The talk of finding Brett Favre’s successor continues at this pick but trade talks still active with Cleveland for QB Tim Couch, the Packers use this pick to grab the best available player and in turn end up with what could be the best receiver in the draft. (Assuming Williams is still eligible)

26. St. Louis Rams-Derrick Strait-CB-Oklahoma
The Rams need help in their defensive secondary and use this pick for just that. Don’t be surprised if they go for a defensive lineman or end with this pick either.

27. Tennessee Titans-Justin Smiley-OG-Alabama
While the Titans would love to draft a replacement for The Freak, none of the remaining defensive ends warrant a pick this high. They instead opt for the other side of the ball as they satisfy a team need.

28. Philadelphia Eagles-Karlos Dansby-LB-Auburn
After losing both of their starting corners (Taylor and Vincent)logic would say a corner goes with this pick. No. They address the loss of Carlos Emmons. Dansby may not be an upgrade over Emmons but he is quite capable of filling his shoes.

29. Indianapolis Colts-Jonathan Vilma-LB-Miami
The Colts could go for a corner with this pick as they need help in that area but instead they look to strengthen their LB corps with yet another great player from Miami. He would serve as an upgrade over current MLB Rob Morris.

30. Kansas City Chiefs-Igor Olshansky-DT-Oregon
Considering the current state of defense, the Chiefs must pick defense here. If they don’t, the NFL should fine them for “cruelty to fans”. This pick provides a dominate force on the line but could be viewed a mere stop gap considering all the holes in this defense.

31. Carolina Panthers-Rashaun Woods-WR-Oklahoma State
The Panthers need to add another offensive weapon and Woods will do that and more. His presence will take pressure off of Steve Smith as well as stretch the defense. They could also take Lee Evans out of Wisconsin but based on health history, they take Woods.

32. New England Patriots-Michael Boulware-LB-Florida State
The Patriots enjoy this their second pick of the first round as they look to the second round for two more. For them it is so good that they can take Boulware to fill a team need. Yes, they are that well off.

*- Shows trade between Cincinnati and Denver.

Edit: This blog was archived in May of 2016 from our original articles database.It was originally posted by Les Barnhart

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