Kicking off the 2004 6 Packs

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1. Smell That?

You know what I’m talking about. Every year, just about this time, there is a hint of something in the air. Finely tuned noses can define it, others catch a brief whiff and some can’t smell a thing. But for us – it’s a combination of sweaty, sweet pigskin and falling leaves… IT”S FOOTBALL SEASON! I feel like a bear coming out of hibernation. The Redskins and Broncos opened the show on Monday Night – just an appetizer for the season ahead.

2. In the Truck

The was able to secure a live feed from the Production Truck outside the Hall of Fame Game – a great insight into the production of a football game. We’ll sprinkle the rest of this six-pack with genuinely genius comments that you didn’t hear on Monday Night.

PRODUCER: Cue the music : Camera One – Get on Elway’s face and don’t move. Camera Two – Get on Elway’s Daughter’s face and don’t move. Camera Three – find every child in the stands wearing a jersey. OK, Al and Coach – you guys ready?
AL: I’m Al Michaels and this is John Madden.
PRODUCER: Not yet dufas, 30 seconds.
MADDEN: Hey, this licorice tastes funny.
PRODUCER: Who forgot to duct tape the telestrater pen!

3. CB or not CB?

I still have a #24 jersey hanging in my closet. I can’t remember the name on that jersey – but I can tell you that it will soon be changed to read “SPRINGS”. Shawn Springs made a great diving interception on the opening drive. Playing in his first game as a Redskin – for two minutes – Springs made an impact. A lot has been said, and will continue to be said, about the ‘loss’ of Champ Bailey. But you’ve gotta love the guy wearing #24 for the Redskins today.
CAMERA THREE: Hey, I’ve got a nice shot of a guy holding a sign.
PRODUCER: That’s a great shot! – America doesn’t care about a silly little 3rd and 1…

4. The Curse of the Doinks

The Bronco wide receivers had a serious case of the Doinks Monday. Ball after ball seemed to bounce off their hands, facemasks and chests for incomplete pass, after incomplete pass. It reminded me of last season when my neighbors parrot learned the phrase ‘Catch the damn ball’ as I watched Redskin receivers with the same case of the Doinks – for an entire season. The curse has been broken – and parrots in Denver will soon be learning a new phrase.
PRODUCER: Tell Elways daughter to smile – see, I told you guys! She’s no horsey face like her daddy.

5. New Skin

Like real Redskin fans, you watched until the end of the game… and no doubt you saw something special from some young gun trying to make the team. Gari Scott had a great night. He showed guts, good hands and big-play ability. He can also be a dangerous return man… Way to go Scott!. Also, gotta give a hand to Sultan McCullough, RB. McCullough showed good quickness and ability – certainly making a run for a roster spot. Nic Clemons looked like he was all over the field from his DE spot – watch for # 72! There were several others – but lastly, I’ve gotta give a Snot-Bubble-Knockin’ Salute to Rufus Brown. Brown flipped Bronco QB, Mike Quinn two yards shy of a first down, forcing the Broncos to punt.
PRODUCER: I don’t care if we have missed 11 plays – it’s just preseason!

6. Truly Blessed

Damn it feels good to be back! I’m truly blessed to have the support of family, friends and fellow Hogs around me. Thank you to all of you who have wished me well in my recovery from hip surgery. Took my first 10 steps yesterday! I promise to get too mooshy on you guys again – but I’m very thankful, lucky and soooo ready for this season. If the Skins have as good a year as this one is shaping up for me – we’ll remember this one forever.

— Scooter

Edit: This blog was archived in May of 2016 from our original articles database.It was originally posted by Scott Moore

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