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1. Early Edge?
OK, so far the press hounds in DC have given the “edge” to Mark Brunell in the race to become the Skins starting QB. Can’t really call it a “race” because races are usually run FORWARD. So far the competition looks more like “Two Step – Dance Lessons” – for kids that got off the short bus. Too Harsh? Probably, but Brunell and Ramsey have been underwhelming. Bill Cosby used to tell a story about his Father “I brought you into this world – I’ll take you OUT.” Enter, Tim Hasselbeck – while he continues to show signs of improvement and makes good plays… he makes an equal amount of mistakes and bad plays. Don’t buy the ‘early edge’ nonsense – nobody at QB has been impressive.

2. Makin’ Me Proud

There have been some more good performances by some of the same guys who sparkled last week. Sultan McCullough is still running tough AND, Gari Scott at WR/KR/PR is making people think Chad Morton might be slipping. LB Clifton Smith joins the “I knocked a Snot Bubble Outta Someone club, with a great hit on Rookie, Rod Rutherford. I think Smith got both barrels too! Preseason is all about showing your best talent at crunch time… keep it up fellas!

3. Taylor, Welcome to the Party

He was late to arrive, but Sean Taylor is moving up the charts at Safety. He delivers punishing blows, covers well and has a nose for the football. Having to earn his starting spot is good for Taylor. He’s big, strong, fast, tough and smart… could we ask for anything more? Sean Taylor is going to be a star in the NFL, maybe as soon as Week 2. With a little maturity and a BLOCK CALL feature… blocking any phone calls from anyone named Winslow!

4. LB’s Swarming

The Redskins have played good defense in the first two preseason tilts. The D-Line has played surprisingly well and the DB’s have been solid. The key to the Skins success is in their LB corps. With youngsters Clifton Smith and Khary Campbell pushing for playing time – Arrington, Washington, Pierce, Barrow and Mitchell comprise a very solid group of LB’s. On any play, they’re taking good angles, making tackles, hustling to the ball and defending against the pass. They look like hungry dogs – and I mean that in the best possible way.

5. Iffy – Very Iffy

Ifeanyi Ohalete, in his fourth season in the NFL, still hasn’t mastered the art of hitting people. He delivers great, powerful, bone-crunching hits. The problem is, they’re often levied on fellow Redskins. In the competition to earn a roster spot, the Skins are fortunate to have Matt Bowen, Andre Lott, Todd Franz and the aforementioned-Taylor. Iffy has played poorly, taken poor angles and almost knocked out Redskins DT, Cedric Killings. Unless his play improves dramatically, I hope he’s cut and becomes a member of the Cowboys… somebody invite Jerry Jones down to the sidelines for me?

6. Zebra Games

On a Panther punt, the ball was kicked well – a little too well. As it traveled, certainly towards the endzone for a touchback, something remarkable happened. The ball was halted, causing it to bounce out of bounds, pinning the Redskins deep at their own two-yard-line. No, it wasn’t a Carolina Panther. No, it wasn’t some drunk fan. No, it wasn’t a cheerleader who’d run on the field accidentally. It was a drunk, cheerleading, Carolina Panther fan, dressed in a referee uniform. Back Judge, Steve Freeman earned the Play of the Game – way to go doof!

— Scooter

Edit: This blog was archived in May of 2016 from our original articles database.It was originally posted by Scott Moore

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