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1. NFL Game Hijacked…

The Redskins vs. Rams? No silly, it’s Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. Fox Broadcaster Chris Collinsworth was terribly upset when he was rejected during early casting calls for Bravo Channel’s hit-show, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. Collinsworth attempted to right the supposed-wrong during the Fox Sports Broadcast.
He was pissy, pithy and brash, with a see-what-you-missed-attitude. He chose not to announce the game, or provide boring-old, “color analysis.” Note to Collinsworth – Carson called and said he’d scratch your eyes out if you come around vying for his job again. Whew, sounds like tough talk too! My money’s on Carson. Collinsworth should give up the gig at Fox and tryout for the next “Le Cage” – and give football fans a break.

2. Dull Knife?

Don’t talk to me about edge at the Skins QB position. What was once a razor thin battle, is quickly turning into a very dull butter knife dance. I understand Joe Gibbs doesn’t want to show the NFL what he has up his sleeve, and that the play-calling is haplessly boring for a reason. But the more talented Ramsey was without Randy Thomas, Chris Samuels and Laveranues Coles for all, or most of, the night. While the more experienced Brunell wasn’t able to move the team against the Rams second/ third unit personnel. I trust Joe Gibbs to make the right call for opening day.

Collinsworth comment: It’s all about the bling-bling baby. Brunell has this thing sewed up tighter than a leather Gucci.
– Anyone speak gay?

3. Preseason Replay

Instant Replay is a big enough joke in the regular season, in preseason – it borders on absurdity. The entire replay system could be easily fixed by installing an unbiased person in the booth. Unbiased – including NFL Officials. The words “inconclusive, or insufficient video evidence” don’t belong in a football game.

Collinsworth comment: They better overturn this one, or I’m gonna go down there and give them a good zhushing.
– Anyone?

4. Dirt Bag Update

Joe Bugel continues to impress with his ability. The Skins Assistant-Head Coach (Offense), has players playing with confidence throughout the depth chart. Kenyatta Jones is holding his own at RT. Pita Elisara positively buried a Ram on one play – they’re still picking up pieces in St. Louis. But perhaps the best proof of talent is the play of young guns like, 5th Round Draft Pick -Mark Wilson. Wilson is learning quickly and shows day-to-day improvement. Check out #62 – he’s gonna be a solid player!

Aikman comment: A Dirt Bag is a Hog without the nose, right?
– no comment

5. Let Rufus Play!

The Skins defense struggled against the Rams. The basic coverages and blitz packages didn’t apply pressure, nor cover Rams WR’s. It was the toughest challenge yet for the Skins defense and a stark contrast from the hapless Dolphins. The most glaring need is depth at CB. Perhaps the most intriguing backup at DB is Rufus Brown. An undrafted free agent from Florida State, Brown has demonstrated a nose for the ball and excellent tacking ability. For whatever reason he’s behind Ade Jimoh on the depth chart. Jimoh looks lost and afraid far too often. Just put the kid in – and let him show what he can do…# 37.

Collinsworth comment: I’d never wear that shade of toenail polish… hussy.
– Again, anyone?

6. Ultimate Reality TV

It continues to amaze me that network TV executive dream up stupid “reality shows.” Parent swapping? Eating stinky eggs with bugs? The real reality TV show is NFL Preseason Football! You have 80 guys on every NFL roster, all vying to become a member of a 53-man roster. Last week, a sideline reporter named Kelli Johnson actually did her job- and did it well. She reported that Redskins’ WR Gari Scott’s wife had battled stomach cancer – and was winning the fight. Comparatively, trying to make the Redskins roster wasn’t a ‘big deal’ compared to the real life battle the Scott’s continue to fight. That’s reality! Every player has a story; every team has any number of stories. God Bless the Scott’s – all the best!
Note to Collinsworth – Please, just shut the hell up – thanks!

— Scooter

Edit: This blog was archived in May of 2016 from our original articles database.It was originally posted by Scott Moore

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