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Scooter’s 6 Pack: Falcons

By Scott Moore | September 8th, 2004

1. Breaking the Routine

It hit me this morning when I was scanning through the various roster cuts – something is very different today. Instead of digging through other teams cuts, hoping they’d made a serious error, I found myself solely focused on the Redskins list. It’s a huge change from years past. As Redskin fans, we’ve been trained to look for the light. We know the salary cap. We know the agents, coordinators, supplemental drafts – we haven’t had much else to keep us going. Now, we have a solid team and an all-star coaching staff. Now we can get back to normal fanship, and complain about the roster cuts of our own team!

2. Our Practice Squad Could Kick Your Squad’s Butt!

An impressive young group of guys didn’t quite make the roster – but they may be in uniform soon enough. Any given Sunday will bring a new set of challenges, injuries and needs to the forefront. Rufus Brown may be called in to help when opponents use multiple wide outs, or when we need to sure-up Special Teams. Gari Scott proved his ability to be a return man and perhaps a WR – if needed. Pita Elisara proved that he has the ability to be an NFL guard. Garnell Wilds may need a haircut, but he loves to hit people. Last but not least, Sultan McCullough considers not making the roster, ” a slap in the face.” He’s right! If you have a player happy to not make the roster, he should have never been on the field to begin with. All these guys – will be on the field at some point. The only question is – When?

3. Arrington’s Angry

I had to feel sorry for Michael Vick the other night. Lavar Arrington pounced on Vick several times and came within a whisker of witnessing a lawsuit filed by Vick – against the Falcons – for lack of support. Arrington is a weapon in the Redskins defense – FINALLY! Assistant Head Coach, Defense, Guru, Attack Monster – Gregg Williams looks to have the Redskin Defense at the top of their game.

4. Upshaw Booted, Cooley Starts

Reagan Upshaw was once a first-round draft pick, now he’s on the street. Upshaw did little for the Redskins and less for himself. With Joe Gibbs in place, players must EARN a roster spot. Third-rounder Chris Cooley looks to have secured a starting job in the new offense. He’s shown good hands and good ability to run-after-catch. Cooley will be targeted by other teams and must adjust to blitzes on his side of the ball. So far, Cooley has been called a “quiet Jeremy Shockey.” Hopefully he’ll make a name for himself – one without any mention to the whiner, hotdog, head-case in NY.

5. Tim Green – Announcer & Author

For those of you not fortunate enough to catch the Falcons broadcast of the game, you missed Tim Green. Did you know he’s an author? Let him talk for eight seconds, and he’ll tell you. Did you know he used to play for the Falcons? Well he’d have told you that in the first two seconds. The rest of his broadcast was filled with useless information and pathetic excuses. The Falcons didn’t “game-plan” for Arrington. THAT’s why Arrington knocked the crap outta Vick on a regular basis… bet you didn’t know that either.

6. Great Beginnings

It’s been an interesting ride so far, and we have a long road ahead of us. I can honestly say, I haven’t looked forward to any season as much as I’m looking forward to this season. Gibbs, Bugel, defense, competition… and renewed hope for success. My best to all Redskin Fans and to the new group of folks trying to make us proud!

— Scooter

Edit: This blog was archived in May of 2016 from our original articles database.It was originally posted by Scott Moore

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