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1. D – Lightful

The Redskins Defense won the game against the Bucs on Sunday. D-line: applied pressure, sacks and batted balls to the turf. D-linebackers: blitzed, defended passes and overall stumped the Bucs. D-db’s did the rest. Top to bottom, the Skins defensive unit – including Gregg Williams and crew – busted the Bucs. The only points surrendered were due to one sloppy hand-off, giving the Bucs a TD. And one poor kick-off return, the Bucs offense gained a total of five-yards on the Field Goal scoring drive. That’s it! 10 points and none of them were at the hands of the Skins defense.

2. Best Coach in DC?

OK, Gibbs and Bugel are back. But could it be that the best coach on the field Sunday was Gregg Williams? Williams, the Assistant Head Coach -Defense and his crew had the Redskins primed for battle. Matt Bowen, Jermaine Haley, Ron Warner, Antonio Pierce – none are household names, but all performed brilliantly against the high-powered Buccanneer offense. I keep telling myself, ‘ self, it’s only one game.’ But the turnaround was nothing less than stunning. I’ll ask you – Is Gregg Williams the best coach in DC?

3. Hynotic Transfer

While the Bucs studied for their game, a subliminal message was slipped into their game tape…’ your hands have been switched. Right is now left. Left is now right.’ The confusion spread to the field as the Bucs WR’s dropped ball after ball. Certainly, part of the problem was the sound of thundering footsteps approaching. But the Bucs WR’s looked pathetic. I almost felt sorry for them… almost.

4. Smooooot!

For the past three seasons, Fred Smoot has played in the shadow of his mentor – Champ Bailey. But now he has the unique opportunity to become THE Redskins ‘shutdown corner.’ Teams in the NFL may be slow to catch on, but Smoot IS a bonafide shutdown corner. Skins fans have responded to Smoot’s energy, ability and fire. Listen to the crowd, it’s not a boo… it’s SMOOOOOOOOT!

5. Offense Drags

The Skins offense was adequate. Not good enough to beat a good team on a good day – but good enough when your defense surrenders ZERO points. Clinton Portis made the most of his touches and the offensive line played relatively well. The play-calling was suspect and drives tended to sputter. OK, again it’s only one game… but the Skins offense needs a swift kick in the butt… before next week’s game.

6. G-men Await

The Giants showed signs of life against Philadelphia last week. Shockey is still the obnoxious, ball-dropping, cry-baby he’s been for the past three seasons. The once powerful Giants defense, looked sleepy and strained. Traveling to New York has never been easy for the Redskins. Like last week, we simply need to find a way to win. If we happen to find a way to win by more than 20 points… all the better.

— Scooter

Edit: This blog was archived in May of 2016 from our original articles database.It was originally posted by Scott Moore

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