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1. Defense Falling Down on the Job

The Skins defense isn’t getting the job done. Oh sure, they’re hitting people, defending the pass, slowing the run and holding offenses to FG’s and FG attempts… but that’s just not enough. The Skins D needs to score 16 points a game in order for the Skins to win. To be near the top in all defensive statistics ain’t gonna cut it! Since the Skins D is going to hog up the field 70% of the time – why aren’t they scoring any points? Now, you may read this and think – Scooter just got a job as a Color-Man for Fox. No, I just had to find another way to say – the Skins defense was superb… again. Keep it up fellas! Oh, and score some darn points wouldya?

2. Defensible?

I had the pleasure of meeting Joe Bugel while he was the HC in AZ. He’s a warm, bright, energetic, brilliant person. I can assure you that nobody is more upset about the lack of production in the Redskins offense. There is no defense for the indefensible. Bugel and Gibbs are loyal – to a fault. There won’t be any “quick fixes” installed in the system. Cutting back on mistakes, penalties and turnovers will be the focus. Even with those changes, this offense is far too conservative and defensible. If the best defense is a good offense… well, that doesn’t apply to our team.

3. In the Booth

I know Coach Gibbs has a guy in the booth that reviews replays. His job is to signal Coach when he thinks we should request a replay. Apparently, he’s a former NFL official equipped with his own monitor and a headset. So far, he’s 0-for-the season. From the bottom of my heart, let me express, for all Redskin Fans, “Dude, you suck.” No wonder you’re not an NFL official today. Do you know how hard it is to get fired as an NFL official. It’s harder than getting fired from the DMV! Anyone interested in applying for this job – it’s going to be open soon. Qualifications: At least one good eye; Must stay partially sober during the game; Must have one available digit; Must be able to say, “Trow da red flag.” Pay: $45,000 per year. Send your resume to

4. Time Outs

The Skins need a Time Out Coach, while we’re hiring. I never thought I’d see the day that I could say something good about former Redskins QB Tony Banks, and that day still hasn’t come. But the closest I can get is – Tony Banks was better at calling Time Outs than Brunell. With Time-Outs left, the Skins have taken knees at the end of the first half and decent field position. Time-Outs are called like someone is spinning the Wheel of Fortune. “Spit, Curse, Shrug Shoulders, Fumble, False Start, Holding, Say What?, Derskie and Time-Out are all on the board.” Now, give the wheel a spin…

5. Ramsey Time

I know that Gibbs and Bugel aren’t going to pull Mark Brunell out as the starter. But there’s really no reason why Ramsey couldn’t run two-point conversions; go in for a series while Brunell is getting oxygen; or just play the third quarter. I know, I know, it’s not going to happen. But we have a young, experienced, rifle armed, fleet-footed QB sitting on the bench right now. His only playing time came in the second-worst game in Redskins history. His play did match that of Brunell though. Ramsey needs playing time – sometime. Mop up work? Are you kidding?

6. Chi Town

The Skins travel to the Windy City on Sunday. The Bears have played surprisingly well all year. They lost to the Lions in Week One, beat the Packers in Week Two – in Green Bay… who hasn’t?, Lost to the Vikes by 5 and lost to the Eagles at home without their starting QB. Backup QB, Jonathan Quinn will play against the Redskins. The Bears are weak, execute poorly and haven’t played a complete ball game this season. In other words, it’ll be a good match-up. This may be just what the Skins need to break out of their slump. I hope so, I’ve thrown shoes, socks, shirts hat’s and beer bottles. I’m now required to watch the Skins in my undies and drink beer out of aluminum cans and whisper cuss words. The cops said they didn’t want to come back out here again… man, I need a Win.

— Scooter

Edit: This blog was archived in May of 2016 from our original articles database.It was originally posted by Scott Moore

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