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Scooter’s 6 Pack: Bears

By Scott Moore | October 19th, 2004

1. Feeling Smooty Good

Watching Fred Smoot play Sunday was an inspiration. Smoot was in obvious pain with a damaged right shoulder. It didn’t keep him from throwing that shoulder into Bear ball carriers. Each time, he would get up and get ready to go play again. The whole team began to feel a little Smooty. Clinton Portis carried the load on offense, in spite of having his head nearly ripped off by Brian Urlacher. He was feelin’ Smooty Good! Mike Sellers pounded defenders all day long – Smootyful. Corny Griffin shut down the run and chased players across the field… Smooty-foot. Are you feeling Smooty this morning?

2. Da D Does It … Again

With Brunell tossing as many INT’s for TD’s as TD’s, the Skins defense held the Bears to a FG. No matter who steps in, Lemar Marshall, Ryan Clark…the Skins defense plays solidly. Coaches, starters and backups are working together better than any unit in recent memory. One request though fellas, could you score us some points?

3. Dumb by Tim Green

When your team is playing good football, consistently, the network sends real announcers to call your game. In our case, we get Tim Green as our color-man. Green bragged that he’d had a conversation with Portis the night before the game and asked him, “Do you ever want to just run the ball?” Brilliant! Demetric Evans was busy changing his name to Demetric Jones and back to Demetric Evans within an eight second span – according to Green. “Hey, I writed a book.”

4. Dumber by Tim Green

Thankfully, as I was shouting, “Oh just shut the hell up Green,” it happened. With 52 seconds left on the clock, the Direct TV signal lost audio. If you really want to hear what he had to say – had a special connection:

Green: You know, watching that sack reminded me, I hate pop-corn.
Real Announcer Stuck with Green: What?
Green: Yeah, I got a piece stuck in my belly button once. Had to dig it out with a paper clip. It tasted salty.
Real Announcer Stuck with Green: Thanks?… Tim.
Green: You red my book yet?

… and you thought you’d missed something.

5. Mission: Block Alex Brown

OK, so the best all-time DE in NFL history is??? Alex Brown. At least that’s how he was made to look by the Redskins offensive line Sunday. “He’s matched up against Chris Samuels,” SHUT UP TIM! Walter Rasby was out-matched against the talented second-year man. The Skins adjustment for blocking Brown was simple – Hey Walter, mind blocking that guy this time? It didn’t work out too well. No offense to Brown, he’s a good young DE, but unblockable?

6. Bye Week

Don’t stray too far from for the bye week. We have a good line-up coming this week. Including a tribute to NFL, American hero, Pat Tillman. The boards are still active and members are on the rise. I’d like to dedicate this to the Boss Hog himself – Boss, thanks for everything you do for this site!

— Scooter

Edit: This blog was archived in May of 2016 from our original articles database.It was originally posted by Scott Moore

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