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A loud voice has been calling for a change in our nation’s capitol. You may have heard it. You may also have heard another voice saying that no change should be made. The voices have debated about who should be running the show and who the best man for the job is. Both men feel they can do the job and in return, they promise to return the pride and respectability that has come to be expected from the position. The talking heads have battered the issue back and forth and depending on your stance, you may agree or you may disagree. The issue is one that could go unresolved for weeks or is some people’s minds, for years. What is that issue you ask? Well, it is only the biggest issue in Washington right now.

Who should be the Redskins starting quarterback?

What? You thought I was referring to the upcoming Presidential election? Why would I, an admitted sports addict, be discussing something as non-sports as the election? With this obviously being an election year (in case you didn’t hear) the upcoming game this weekend with the Green Bay Packers at FedEx has taken on an increased importance for those believing that the result of the game will again predict who will be residing in the White House come January. So, really this is just a game between two teams looking to right their collective ships and get back to a level of respectability, right? It is if you believe that the correlation between the last 18 Presidential elections and the Redskins is just a continually repeating thing of chance.

The Redskins have successful predicted the Presidential winner in 18 straight elections by the result of the last home game before the election. If you are a Republican hoping to keep President Bush in office, you want the Redskins to be victorious. On the other hand, if you are of a Democratic persuasion, you will be donning the Cheese Heads and grilling some brauts in support of the Packers. Ah, if was just that simple. Something as simple as who has the most points at the end of the game would be the winner and not have to worry about the replay official overturning the outcome determined by those you played the game. Sounds so elementary, huh?

The two political parties have debated, strategized, polled the masses, postured and spent millions on dollars all to showcase their candidate for the American voters to see. One party has already amassed armies of attorneys to descend on the courts of the states that they deem to be close enough for a recount. One party has charged the other with voter registration fraud among other charges. You have heard the accusations that each party has leveled against each other and frankly, if you haven’t, good for you. Without turning this into a full blow political debate, I just ask this simple question to you; at what point did the Presidential election become a choice of not the best man for the job but rather which man can make the most unrealistic promises and hollow plans for the future. There was a day when every kid wanted to be the President of the United States, now ask a kid if they want to be President and most likely the answer will be, “President of what?.” There was also a time when we knew who won the Presidential election on November 3rd and that was without the need for the courts. With all the talk of Homeland Security, do you think that the deterioration of the election process has helped to weaken this country in the eyes of not only we the people but also those who chose to do us harm? Are we a nation divided? Perhaps not yet, but November 2nd hasn’t dawned yet.

Get out and exercise your right to vote. Let’s have the election be determined on the field. That means getting off the couch and making your voice heard. Don’t think for a minute that your vote means nothing. But just in case, go Redskins!

— Wingman

Edit: This blog was archived in May of 2016 from our original articles database.It was originally posted by Les Barnhart

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