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1. Thumper’s Mama

Remember Thumper? Thumper’s Mama told him, ” if you can’t say nothing nice, don’t say nothin’ at all. I enacted Thumper’s Mama’s Rule for all comments related to Mark Brunell. I hear he can burp his own name to the tune of the ABC’s. He’s the third bestest QB on our team! During the game, my wife asked me repeatedly, “who was he throwing to.” My dog actually stopped chewing his rawhide bone and snickered. I’ve never wanted to slap Thumper’s Mama so hard in my life! But I’ll stick to the rule for Coach Gibbs.

2. Tom Terrific

Tom Tupa nailed down the Lions all day long. He had nine punts… for some unknown reason… for 431 yards. He pinnned the Lions inside the 20, a mind-blowing FIVE times. Every time the Lions thought they’d be in a position to score, Tupa would boot them in their gut. Through the years, we’ve suffered through some terrible punters – Tupa made me forget all their names – and all of the names I called them.

3. Thrashing

James Thrash is reminding Redskin fans just how talented he is – again. Since re-joining the Skins, Thrash has displayed his talents in any number of ways. His punt return set up a field goal… because the offense couldn’t drive the ball for some unknown reason… and he downed, tipped and thrashed the Lions all day long. Thrash is pushing for more playing time wherever and whenever he can.

4. D, Da Man

It doesn’t seem to matter who plays defense in Washington – they’re all playing great. Ryan Clark had a double-barrell, snot-bubble, knocking hit on Az-Hakim. Hakim had to change his name to Ouch-Hakim after the play. Corny Griffin and Big Joe Salave’a continue to step up, while Brandon Noble fights his way into the lineup. This is the best defensive unit the Redskins have had in years. Better than Ray Rhodes’ unit, better than Marvin Lewis’, Gregg Williams has this unit in top form – without top talent. Could this bunch of no-names be the best Skins D of all time? Too early to tell, but stay tuned…

5. Portis’ Shoulders

Clinton Portis shouldered the entire offensive load on Sunday. Running, busting tackles, catching the ball out of the back field and tossing a TD pass. It’s great watching a guy give his all on every play. He’s giving more than he’s asked, and it’s a darn good thing! His #26 jerseys are flying off the rack faster than any number in the Redskins team store… with good reason.

6. Lions, Tigers and Bears

With the Lions and Bears out of the way, the Skins must now take on the Bengal Tigers. The Bengals whipped the hapless Cowboys on Sunday and are playing good team ball. Youngster Carson Palmer leads the Bengal offense – and I already feel sorry for him. The Skins former defensive coordinator, Marvin Lewis, runs the Bengals defense. They’re young, talented and hungry – time to tame the Bengals!

— Scooter

Edit: This blog was archived in May of 2016 from our original articles database.It was originally posted by Scott Moore

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