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Many folks around Redskins fandom have been pulling for Ramsey from the beginning. The longer Mark Brunell played, the longer that list of folks got. After a first quarter performance that netted 6 yards on a 1-8 passing attack by Brunell, Coach Gibbs decided to add his name to that list.

This was by far the worst game of Brunell’s Redskin tenure – possibly of his career – culminating in a play on fourth and 3 that may have ended his career as the Redskins starting quarterback. On that play, Coles ran across the middle and was open 8 yards in front of Brunell. Brunell threw the pass for what was a sure first down, but missed Coles by three yards. Seconds later, Ramey was warming up on the sidelines.

The quarterback change didn’t equate to immediate improvement. It seemed that more passes were dropped in the second quarter with Ramsey at the helm, than in the previous two games with Brunell under center.

This is similar to what happened in 2002 when Ramsey first took over the reigns from Danny Wuerfful. The receivers, who had been catching lame duck passes for half of the season, suddenly were being hit with 90 mph fast balls. To put it in perspective, it’s like Jason Veritek catching Curt Shilling’s power pitches and then having to adjust to Tim Wakefield’s knuckleballs.

One play in particular stands out with Coles running a crossing pattern in the back of the end zone. Being accustomed to the timing and delivery speed of Brunell passes, Coles looked to the ball too late. He was able to get his hand on the ball, but not haul in the pass.

In the fourth quarter, the team started to come together. Darnerien McCants finally got a shot and made some excellent catches over the middle. Coles made some nice downfield catches – something we haven’t seen much of this season. The Redskins finally showed some sign of life in the passing game. To be excited about 215 yards of passing seems ridiculous, but after the season the Redskins have had, it was a sign that bode well for the Redskins offense – especially the fourth quarter attack.

As of Monday morning, no official word has come out of Redskins Park as to who the starter is going to be in Philadelphia next week. The unofficial word however, is that Patrick Ramsey will get the chance he has been waiting for – a chance to start again. Not only that, but Ramsey will have the chance to lead the team with the running game as a viable option, and against a team susceptible to the run. Hopefully, with an actual deep threat, the running game will get even better, and the Redskins can come away with a victory.


Edit: This blog was archived in May of 2016 from our original articles database.It was originally posted by Scott Hurrey

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