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1. Are we there yet?

Coach Gibbs is driving the bus, and Redskin Fans are wondering how long it will take to get where we’re going. Frankly, I’m as thrilled today, as I was the day I found out that Joe Gibbs had agreed to return to DC. His biggest concerns are for the fans, the team, his coaches and Dan Snyder. He’s secure in his manhood and a terrific leader. All we have to do now is wait, be patient and let him do his job. We’ve turned a corner, and we’re on the way now. Coach Gibbs’ heart and integrity, combined with his hard-headedness and stubbornness will prove successful again in DC. Slow to change is better than unwilling to change. Note to self : try to be more patient.

2. Ramsey’s Due

Patrick Ramsey finally got his opportunity on Sunday. Facing a 17-0 deficit and multiple blitz packages throughout the game, Ramsey almost rallied the Skins. He’s been waiting in the wings, being a solid teammate and learning the system. He must take over at this point. Facing a 3 – 6 record, last in the NFC East (tied with Dallas), with the toughest of teams yet to come, the road for Ramsey will be tough. Still, Ramsey is due to become the Redskins leader. He’s due to show the talent, poise and ability we’ve all been waiting to see.

3. Clark Learning on the Run

The Giants told Ryan Clark he was too small to play in the NFL after two years with the team. Good thing he didn’t listen. Clark has filled in bravely for several injured Redskins. He wasn’t even listed on the opening day depth chart. But yesterday, Clark lead the team in tackles against the Bengals. In addition to tackles and passes defended, Clark has delivered some of the most punishing hits to the opposition. The more he plays, the better he gets. Ryan Clark is a football player, a snot-bubble knocking, hustling, give it all – football player. Keep it up Ryan!

4. Play Calling, Play Clock and Play Ball

Panic just doesn’t fit into a winning program. Sloppiness and disarray don’t fit either. The Skins need to put it all together, and do it soon. Clinton Portis is still going to be the best weapon we have – Ramsey can give it to him as good as anybody. Keep an eye on the play clock and audible. Audibles weren’t used in Ramsey’s first offense – courtesy of Steve Spurrier. Lastly, penalties are preventing the Skins from playing any type of meaningful football. Three things, three little things and we’ve got a good thing going… or will have.

5. Posts’ Headlines?

Nunyo Demasio, the writer for the Washington Post, didn’t watch the same game I did on Sunday. The story headlined, ‘ Redskins’ Defense Gets Picked Apart’, goes on to ramble and rant about how bad the Redskins defense played against the Bengals. Did he forget that the Bengals held the ball for over 20 minutes in the first half? Did he forget that Mark Brunell failed to convert a 3rd down? Did he forget that the Bengals first TD came off another Brunell interception? OK, maybe he didn’t notice that the Skins shut out the Bengals in the second half? The defense kept the Skins in the game, along with good special teams play… again. Yo Nunyo, you write for the Washington Post! Put down your pity party pen and take a look around.

6. Eagles Flying High

The Eagles are the best team in football, or one of the best. They’re good on offense, good on defense and good on special teams. They’re well coached, well motivated and hungry. Wouldn’t it be something to travel to Philly and beat them? We have a real opportunity to do just that. No I’m not kidding. In fact, you’ll hear it here first – The Redskins will beat the Eagles in Philly – I personally guarantee it!

— Scooter

Edit: This blog was archived in May of 2016 from our original articles database.It was originally posted by Scott Moore

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