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1. One Crow Sandwich Over Here

OK, I was a bit out of line in declaring victory against the Eagles last week. The Eagles eventually took over the hard-fought contest. Still, The Skins had their opportunities and showed real flashes of becoming a contender. Until those flashes can be put together, we’re still pretenders. I’ll choke down the old crow sandwich with several brewsky’s…
Congrats to the Eagles…sfpit!

2. Officially Spread – EXCLUSIVE

It was a third and 10 from the Eagles 38 yard line. The Eagles were clinging to a 14-6 lead. Then McNabb dropped back and found Todd Pinkston on the sidelines. Replays clearly showed Pinkston’s foot out at the 46, resulting in a 4th and 2. The referees spotted the ball at the 50 and awarded a First Down. The play was challenged: Head Referee Walt Anderson made his way to the replay monitor, put on his headset and heard the following:
VOICE: What the hell do you thing you’re doing?(loud)
Ref Anderson: Uh, he stepped out on the 46 looks like- (interrupts)
VOICE: Hey! You owe us thirty (bleep) large. He’s at the 50! First Down! Putz!
Ref Anderson: OK then, I understand. Can I still take the OVER?
VOICE: Shut up and get back out there! And call interference on Smoot!

3. Taylor Made

Sean Taylor is becoming the player we all hoped he would become. The only thing is, if you’re going to hit Terrell Owens after the play – make it count. Sean Taylor’s beautiful, diving, all-star interception gave the Redskins an opportunity to make it a game on Sunday. The Skins failed to convert, and the effort was wasted. Still, Sean Taylor continued to punish Eagle ball carriers and would-be blockers. His size, speed, ball skills and mean streak are forming a little more every play. By the end of the season, Sean Taylor might be the best defensive player on the team – and that’s saying a lot!

4. Kenny, Katie and Brian – the Fox Crew

After the game, we met with the Fox broadcast crew of Kenny Albert and Brian Baldinger. They were accompanied by a large blow up doll with a pair of binoculars around it’s neck and a mechanics shirt with the name “Katie” sewn on a patch. “Who’s this,” I asked stupidly. Baldinger said, “this is our spotter, Katie.” OK… so what did you guys think of the game? Albert shrugged and Baldinger replied, “hitchy.” Hitchy? “Yep, it was hitchy. The Redskins ran that hitch all day. Katie and I are getting hitched. Oops, I think I’ve got the hitch-ups.” The blow up doll actually scrambled to the ground and began crawling for the doorway… sonofa hitch! Seriously, Baldinger used the word “hitch” a record number 6,342 times in one game – what insight.

5. One Beer Per Penalty = Huge Hangover

The Redskins offense self destructed on Sunday. Poor play-calling, missed opportunities and penalties cost the Skins any chance of victory. I thought drinking a beer after each penalty would help calm my nerves a bit. But on one possession, the Skins turned a promising 1st and Goal at the 10 yard line, to a 4th and 30, from the thirty yard line. Ray Brown and Chris Samuels, and Chris Samuels again flinched and held their own… things were blurry, and I woke up with my dog licking my face and three empty beers. Not to mention the six I’d had before that “drive.” In fact, I’m not sure that I drank all those beers. My dog slept in late the next morning and ordered a Bloody Mary for breakfast…hmmm.

6. Steel Test

At this point, the Redskins could simply shut it down and mail in the remainder of the season. You can bet that is not going to happen. The Skins travel to Pennsylvania again, this time to face the Steelers. The Steelers have beaten both the Eagles and the Patriots, while riding atop the AFC North. They are one of the NFL’s elite clubs. With young talent and tough veterans, they are formidable. If the Redskins have heart, they’ll be able to compete with the Steelers, and could keep the game close enough to steal. If not, we’re in for a long 10 weeks. C’mon Skins! Turn that frustration into raw focus and energy. Oh yeah, and you owe me $20 bucks and twelve pack for last week!… like they read my stuff.

— Scooter

Edit: This blog was archived in May of 2016 from our original articles database.It was originally posted by Scott Moore

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