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1. Spanking the G-Stringers

At the opening kick-off, the Giants had all the momentum. It took the Redskins defense exactly three plays to get the ball back. The G-Stringers managed to drive the ball one yard – backwards. Thus the tone was set for the entire day. Ramsey was mistake-free, Portis ran harder than he’d run all season, Betts slugged his way through would-be tacklers and WR’s actually caught the football. All the while, the Skins defense punished Eli Manning and any other Giant who dared run with our football. It’s been too long since the Skins were on the delivery-end of a blow out. At the end of the game, the Skins up 31-7, and 2:03 on the clock – all I could think about was- JUST ONE MORE TD!

2. Ramsey’s Grip

Throwing to eight different receivers, without an interception, Patrick Ramsey showed us all why he should have been the starter from Day One. The Redskins picked up 27 first downs against the Giants, seven more than in the first meeting against the Giants. Ramsey was cool, composed and under control. The quarterback of the Washington Redskins has been found – now all we have to do is let him play. Ramsey is more than a “play-not-to-lose” QB. Better late than never – WAY TO GO PATRICK!

3. Pierce is the Glue

Very quietly, Antonio Pierce has been the glue holding the pieces together for the Skins defense this season. Pierce exemplifies the heart and determination of a champion. He wasn’t highly recruited out of Paramount High School and played for the Mount San Antonio Junior College before playing at the University of Arizona. Now, Pierce is the quarterback of one of the best defenses in Redskins history. Filling in for the injured Michael Barrow, Pierce is now the entrenched starter. There’s an unwritten rule in the NFL: Starters cannot lose their starting position due to injury. The rule doesn’t apply here. Barrow has yet to suit up for the Redskins with nagging injuries. Barrow is an All-Pro, a solid veteran and a good leader on the field. Antonio Pierce is the new “Mr. Redskin,” and it’s his job now and in the future.

4. Randy’s Hammy

Randy Thomas played against the Giants on Sunday. He had a severely strained hamstring and limped through enough practice to talk his way on to the field against the Giants. It’s just a little thing, but it shows how devoted this team is to winning. It also shows how much this team believes in Joe Gibbs. It would have been easy for Thomas to sit out a game, or more, with his injury. In last place in the NFC East, the playoff picture was bleak at best – Thomas begged the coaches to let him play. He showed tremendous guts and played his butt off! It may have been the turning point to the new ‘Joe Gibbs Era.’ The little things make a difference – and this was no little thing.

5. Contact Sport?

Oh PU-LEEEZE! Once again the fellas in the striped shirts have tossed a flag for “roughing the passer” on Sean Taylor. Taylor continues to do his job, and do it well. But the officials have a side bet on who can call the most 15-yard penalties on the rookie. This is ridiculous! Hey Zebras! What do you say we take up a collection and pay off the bet now. You pathetic, chumps (best I could do and still stay PG) need to let this kid play football. Any hit on T.O. is a clean hit – before the play, after the play or in the parking lot – he’s earned it. When reaching for your flags this week – we’re watching you. Wouldn’t it be funny if we all threw black and white flags on the field for every b.s. call they made? OK, we’re selling Sean Taylor Defense Fund, Zebra BS Flags for a buck a piece. How many do you want?

6. Mas Maas

Two weeks in a row, we’ve been treated to the color analysis of Bill Maas. Is it just me, or is he easier to take when the Skins are winning. OK, he did remind the audience of his stint in the NFL – again. This time, it didn’t bother me. Even as he licked the mustard off his Jeremy Shockey Swimsuit Calendar – it didn’t bother me. When he missed an obvious holding call against the Skins- just prior to the blocked punt… that didn’t even bother me. What the hell is wrong with me when I can’t enjoy ripping Bill Maas? Oh well, there’s always next week.

7. Philly’s Excuse

The Eagles have already clinched the NFC East. They’re healthy and playing good football in all phases of the game. They crushed the Packers in Philly last week, stopping Brett Favre from throwing a TD breaking his 36 game streak. Atlanta stumbled badly against he Bucs and are closest to the Eagles at 9-3. They beat the best the North had to offer already, and the South’s champ looks to be by default, and may be 8-8 by season’s end. The Eagles have been on top before, and failed. Without a doubt, they’re the best team in the NFC – bar none. So I sincerely hope they bring their best game to DC on Sunday without any excuses. The only way to know if we’re going the right direction is in beating a good team. This game is a true playoff game for the Redskins – lets see what we’ve got. I’m biased, but I’ll take the Skins in this one!

Note: One extra beer in the six pack this week… a celebratory beer.

— Scooter

Edit: This blog was archived in May of 2016 from our original articles database.It was originally posted by Scott Moore

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