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1. Score Revised
If I wanted to watch a sexually confused zebra, I’d try to merge Queer Eye for the Straight Guy with the National Geographic Channel. Another bogus Pass Interference call gave the opposing team points – points that they were not going to have otherwise. Not enough to doom the Redskins – but enough to make a pretty damn big difference in the ballgame. Yet another example of pathetic officiating. Nice job boys! Then the crew attempted to spot a ball two yards beyond the spot where a tackle was made. This time, they were unsuccessful in their attempt to cheat – the Eagles were still short of the first down… Nice Try Boys!

2. Morale Victory?
I don’t buy the crap about Moral Victories. But the game against the Eagles could well result in a Morale Victory for the Redskins. One of their own was carted off the field. The officials cheated them throughout the game. They had misfires and mistakes throughout the game. Still, the Redskins never quit. Against the best team in the NFC, the Redskins outplayed, out-hustled and out-hit the Eagles. Other than the Steelers, no team has been able to dominate the Eagles – and certainly no team in the NFC. The Eagles were at their best and recored a “W” – but the Redskins may take more of a sense of TEAM and HEART from this game than the Eagles may have hoped. This team is on the verge of making a huge breakthrough – from pretender to contender… stay tuned.

3. No Names?
The Redskins are again being heralded for their style. But they’re also being called the next No Name Defense. Excuse me, but we have plenty of star quality – Sean Taylor, Marcus Washington and Corny Griffin are all among the best at their positions. All should be in the Pro-Bowl. Fred Smoot and Shawn Springs are two of the best CB’s in the NFL. How many names do we have to have to be not-No Names? Sure, a bunch of guys have stepped up and played well for injured players. Calling us No Names is worse than being called bad names – don’t forget to vote for the Pro Bowl!

4. Ramsey’s Hand
With Mark Brunell in the lineup, the Skins had very little chance to win. In the game against the Eagles, Ramsey outplayed Donovan McNabb. In spite of what some radio commentators have said, McNabb is one of the best in the NFL – no doubt about it. When a third-year guy, who should have been the starter from Day One – plays better than the guy that’s going to the Pro Bowl and maybe to the Super Bowl… that’s saying something. Sure it was a dumb throw at the end of the game. But he made plenty of plays to get the Redskins in a position to win the game. Before John Hall missed a potential FG, Ramsey flipped a perfectly tossed ball into the hands of H-back Chris Cooley. We can ‘coulda, woulda, shoulda’ this to death – but Ramsey’s taking more heat for the loss than he deserves. There is one starting QB on our team – his name is Patrick Ramsey.

5. Men in Tights
OK picture this: A big fat guy – let’s say Andy Reid, wearing black tights. Now, imagine that he’s singing “Happy Birthday to You” in full Marylin Monroe-style. Watching Terrell Owens score a TD is sickening enough. All the talk of Andy Reid in tights is helping me lose some of the pounds I put on from Thanksgiving. What’s it doing for you?

6. Springing Back
Shawn Springs was involved in some of the biggest plays of the game against the Eagles. Early in the first quarter, he was flagged – bogusly- for pass interference against Terrell Owens giving the Eagles 47 yards and a First Down at the Skins 2-yard line. Springs gathered in a ball tipped by Sean Taylor for an interception. Springs was also injured late in the game. He’ll sit out a week – but Shawn Springs will be back. Springs has been a great source of Leadership by Example. The Skins can pay a tribute to Springs by bouncing back from a tough loss to beat the 49’ers without him this week. They owe it to him, and much more.

— Scooter

Edit: This blog was archived in May of 2016 from our original articles database.It was originally posted by Scott Moore

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