Tight End Class

NFL Draft

The 2005 class of tight end draft prospects is easily led by Heath Miller, the outstanding junior from Virginia. He has all the intangibles that are needed at the NFL level. While it has yet to be determined what impact he will make in the NFL considering the history of young tight ends in the league, he certainly has made an impression on scouts. So much so, that not only should he be the first tight end taken off the board, but has an excellent chance at being taken in first round.

The drop off after Miller is noticeable but there is still quality prospects that should find themselves employed in the NFL come next fall. Joel Dressen (Colorado State), Victor Sesay (Missouri), and David Kashetta (Boston College) are very close in regards to their draft value. Each has a nice set of hands as well as size with Dressen getting the nod for being a better pass catcher and Sesay the better blocker of the group.

The rest of group should sort themselves out nicely through the combine and subsequent workouts. As happens every year, someone will have an incredible combine or workout and will see their draft value soar unrealistically.


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