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The 2005 Draft Haul

By Mark Solway | April 25th, 2005

Round 1 – 9th overall – Carlos Rogers, CB, Auburn
The Redskins addressed the hole left by the departure of Fred Smoot with their first pick. Rogers won the Jim Thorpe award as the best cornerback in the nation anchoring the secondary on the undefeated Tigers team. He figures to start immediately and his physicality makes him a good fit for the Gregg Williams defense.

A late bloomer, Rogers showed in his senior year that he was one of the premiere CBs in NCAA football. He will need to learn quickly as his name is likely already pencilled in beside Shawn Springs as a starting corner.

Round 1 – 25th overall – Jason Campbell, QB, Auburn
No wonder the Redskins bras spent so much time at Auburn last week as reported by Len Pasquarelli. Many Redskin fans were shocked by the pick, but obviously Joe Gibbs and company saw something in the young man that they just had to have. So much so that they gave up their 1st and 3rd round picks this year and their 4th round pick next year, to get him. If this was the goal all along, then the Redskins were very fortunate to have Aaron Rodgers fall all the way to the Packers, or Campbell could very well have been their pick and the move would be for naught.

Campbell is an interesting prospect and poses little threat to Patrick Ramsey’s starting status. Jon Jansen re-iterated on the draft show that Patrick was fully aware of his role as the team’s leader and welcomed the young Tiger and the subsequent competition. Campbell posted the third best passer rating in the nation leading the powerful Auburn offense. He has great size and strength at 6’5″ and 230 pounds and definitely fits the mold of an NFL quarterback. The only knock against him is that he may have benefited from a great supporting cast and that his value is based largely on one successful senior season.

Trade – the Redskins traded their 4th round pick (112th overall) to the Vikings in exchange for Minnesota’s 4th round pick (120th overall) and 5th round pick (154th overall). A good pick-up for moving down just eight spots.

Round 4 – 120th overall – Manuel White, FB, UCLA
Day two is when you really start relying on your scouts. The Redskins used the pick that they traded down on, to grab Manuel White, the bruising fullback out of UCLA. An obvious upgrade to the ‘big men’ that the Redskins have to carry the load on short yardage situations, White also has the ability to grow into an h-back. He provides two dimensions that the Redskins lack, an inside rushing threat and a big guy who can block despite his soft hands. He won’t run away from anybody past the initial point of impact, but he is a pile mover.

Generally considered the third best fullback behind Zach Tiuasosopo and Paul Jefferson, he is a good pick-up for the fourth round with a solid shot at making the team.

Round 5 – 154th overall – Robert McCune, LB, Louisville
Simply a case of taking the best available player left on your list, but McCune is an interesting prospect. McCune started his collegiate career late having served three years in the National Guard. At 26-years old, he is more mature than the average guy coming out of college is. He has excellent north-south speed, likely stemming from the fact that he was actually a 400-meter runner early in his Louisville tenure. He was a special teams stand out early on in his career at Louisville, and that could be what the Redskins saw in him that they liked. Having lost Antonio Pierce through free agency, there will be some depth positions available at training camp and McCune’s special teams abilities will give him a better chance of making the 2005 roster.

THN had him in our top 100 (number 91) and think it’s a great pick in the 5th round. He is definitely a project as he is still learning the position, but his blazing speed makes him a great ‘diamond in the rough’ possibility.

Round 6 – 183rd overall – Jared Newberry, OLB, Stanford
As often is the case so late in the draft, the Redskins took a ‘project’. Newberry is intriguing in that he has great speed and range for a linebacker. He is a great pass protector for a guy his size. He is also an outstanding special teams player and could crack the lineup on that basis alone. His biggest knock is a lack of strength for his position.

There is a possibility that Newberry may even be tried as a safety. He possesses the speed and ball-hawking skills to perhaps make the switch and at 235 pounds, it may be his best shot at making the squad.

Round 7 – 222nd overall – Nehemiah Broughton, Jr., FB, The Citadel
The Redskins took another solid north-south runner in the 7th when they took fullback ‘Nemo’ Broughton. Nemo is massive at 250 pounds and ran over people in the NCAA Division I-AA ranks. He possesses an unbelievable combination of speed and strength. If he can’t find a hole, he makes one by running over defenders.

His blocking prowess may make him an excellent fit for the Redskins. Any time you can land a guy in the 7th that might make your team, you have to consider it a pick well spent.

More to come later on rating these picks, but that’s a brief synopsis of the new Redskins coming to Washington via the draft of 2005.

— BossHog

Edit: This blog was archived in May of 2016 from our original articles database.It was originally posted by Mark Solway

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