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It would appear that Redskins.com appears to be taking up their coverage of the team a notch. Recent tension between the team and some of the large local media outlets aside, the fans are the ones who will likely benefit.

Today (Monday) the Redskins posted a nice audio clip of Larry Michael previewing the Redskins start of their Organized Team Activities (OTA’s) this week. It featured snippets of Coach Gibbs talking about the advantages of the OTA’s as opposed to the walk-throughs. While the sessions are still considered ‘voluntary’, high attendance is expected. The clip also had a teaser at the end about Redskins.com having exclusive video feeds of highlights from the OTA’s starting tomorrow.

Enter the Redskins fan.

In this modern age of technology where news items are transmitted globally virtually as they happen, the modern fan is certainly spoiled in terms of the amount of information and content that they have at their fingertips. Gone are the days of frothing at the newsstands as the off-season football specials come out and the long wait ends. There is no off-season any more. You can follow your football team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Draft coverage grows annually, having reached a point that it can also be considered it’s own entity. At THN we pride ourselves in adding true content to Redskins coverage and have posted almost 500 of our own exclusive articles in the last few years. And yet it seems the fan’s appetite for coverage never wanes.

So tomorrow Redskins.com will launch coverage of the OTA’s. On the outside it might not sound like much, and locals are likely wondering what the big deal is when they’ll see coverage on local news. But to the worldwide audience following the Redskins, it is exciting stuff. It is just a little more coverage of the team that is so close to our hearts. Some of us don’t care if it’s practice, OTA’s, training camp, pre-season, pre-game, post-game, post-season, Super Bowls, past Super Bowls, past Cowboys games… if it has a Redskins team or player involved, the voracious Redskins fan wants to know about it. But to be afforded the opportunity to follow along so closely with ‘your team’ is a privilege that while is easy to take for granted, should not be easily dismissed.

It’s May and there are over 100 days before Washington even takes the field in a meaningful game. And yet all of us will likely be tuning in to Redskins.com tomorrow to check out the video coverage of the OTA’s, and see what’s going on at Redskin Park. And in this instance, ‘all of us’ truly means all of us, and not just the local Redskins fans.

Technology is bringing the Redskins to a whole community outside of Washington. Good stuff.

— BossHog

Edit: This blog was archived in May of 2016 from our original articles database.It was originally posted by Mark Solway

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