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In a continuing effort to provide unsurpassed coverage to ‘Skins fans, redskins.com posted the latest edition of OTA videos: line drills. The two-part video shot Wednesday, May 25, chronicles the battle in the trenches that goes on everyday in practice. The following will recap each battle:

Casey Rabach vs. Aki Jones – In the first round, Jones uses his impressive speed to motor pass Rabach. The Redskins’ new center was not to be outdone, as he showed superb technique keeping the Fordham rookie at bay.

Derrick Dockery vs. Ryan Boschetti – This turned out to be an entertaining match-up. Dockery gets the nod for holding Boschetti in front of him for three seconds, but Boschetti displayed an impressive array of moves.

Jim Molinaro vs. Jerome Nichols – Molinaro got the better of this match-up. Nichols has good speed, but Molinaro’s near-flawless technique won the battle.

Adrian Gonzalez vs. Tyler Luebke – Adrian Gonzalez showed his power in this match-up. It seemed no matter what move Luebke tried, Gonzales had an answer.

Cory Raymer vs. Cedric Killings – This was a fun one to watch. Killings is quick, but the veteran Raymer showed patience and experience in keeping 4-year vet in front of him.

Lennie Friedman vs. Aki Jones – Jones showed his speed in his earlier match-up with Casey Rabach, but Lennie Friedman may have been the best linemen in this entire video collection. He reacted fluidly to everything Jones threw at him.

Jim Molinaro vs. Melvin Williams – This video will make you take notice of Melvin Williams. His speed was on display, but the real story was his impressive spin move. He can spin 10-times faster than most can run. Williams blew by Molinaro in both rounds, with Molinaro being able to knock him to the ground on the second attempt.

Jon Alston vs. Charles Howard – This match-up clearly goes to Howard. His physical style of play and explosiveness at the line of scrimmage were remarkable. In fairness to Alston, he appeared to be concentrating on footwork, not even starting from the three-point stance.

It was fun to watch Coach Bugel in action teaching his craft, as well as Jon Jansen back on the field mentoring second-year lineman Mark Wilson.

All in all, this video gives fans something to be optimistic about; good line play on both sides of the ball. Be sure to check it out on the front page of Redskins.com

– Scott Hurrey

Edit: This blog was archived in May of 2016 from our original articles database.It was originally posted by Scott Hurrey

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