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Patrick Ramsey comes into the 2005 season as the Washington Redskins’ undisputed starting quarterback. That knowledge, combined with a year of Coach Gibbs’ offensive scheme under his belt, has the fourth-year Tulane product feeling good.

“I feel very comfortable”, Ramsey said, but added: “You’re never going to be pleased; you always have more and more to learn. As we put new things in, they’re new to me as well, so I’m going through and trying to get as accustomed to those things as I am with the things from last year. I feel very comfortable, but at the same time, there’s always room for improvement.”

One of the biggest areas needing improvement from last season is in the anemic passing game. In an effort to address this aspect of the Redskins’ offense, the Redskins’ personnel department completely revamped the team’s wide receiving corps.

Ramsey is happy with the changes so far. “I think these guys create separation. These guys can dig; they can run. They give us a little more opportunity as far as throwing the ball, because they can get open so well.”

Another addition to the passing game is the new quarterback coach, Bill Musgrave. Coach Musgrave was added to infuse new ideas into the Redskins playbook. His input has affected everything from blocking schemes to quarterback footwork. Maybe the most important addition made by Coach Musgrave is the introduction of the shotgun formation to the offense,

In reference to using the shotgun, Ramsey said: “It’s a change. We are picking and choosing our times to use it.”

The rest of the team has stayed intact for the most part, with only a few additions and subtractions; one of the quietest by the Redskins in recent memory. Ramsey believes this to be cause for celebration, rather than concern.

“I think the thing that we are excited about, is the thing that people are skeptical about: we’ve had a quiet off-season” Ramsey said. “We feel like we have the pieces in place and it’s just time for us to go out and work and get it done.”

Ramsey being the ultimate professional realizes that the work starts with him self. “It’s time for me to play my best right now, and that’s what I am working everyday to get to.”

With that attitude from the quarterback position, Redskin fans can expect good things in 2005.

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