Mini-Camp Recap: Day Two

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Defense was the word of the day, as the Redskins took the field for the second day of mini-camp.

After stretching was complete, the offensive line moved to the back of the practice field to work lateral movement drills, while the quarterbacks worked on footwork and technique.

The special teams unit practiced return coverage, with Antonio Brown taking the punts. Brown’s speed and ability to cut has been very impressive thus far, to both the media and the coaching staff.

Special Teams Coach Danny Smith — complete with his unique fire and intensity — worked with the players on punt blocking techniques. Several players showed good speed off the edge, including safety Pierson Prioleau, linebacker Zak Keasey and wide receiver Jimmy Farris.

Then the defense took center stage, as the majority of Saturday’s practice highlighted the defense.

The defense ran several drills, including a Gregg Williams’ led drill that the players seemed to really enjoy. After the snap of the ball, the defenders raced through a variety of obstacles in an effort to capture one of three cones. Even though the players were laughing, the inherent competitive nature of professional athletes took over as guys were wrestling each other for the last cone.

After this drill, the defense broke up into individual position drills, with the defensive line running a variety of footwork and agility drills.

The secondary ran cutting and interception drills, highlighted by a one-hand fingertip grab by newly acquired safety Pierson Prioleau.

The linebackers ran their drills directly in front of the press. They started with footwork drills, and pro bowler Marcus Washington exuded intensity on every step. Chris Clemons and undrafted rookie free agent Zak Keasey both appeared to have noticed that intensity, as both played hard and fast.

On the injury front, Mike Barrow was on hand running by himself and appeared to be able to run at full speed and cut with no difficulty. LaVar Arrington did not practice, but number 56 was in the middle of things cheering his teammates on.

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