Mini-Camp: Q and A with Derrick Dockery

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Here is our next installment of our question and answer sessions held with various players during the course of the Washington Redskins’ mini-camp this weekend.

Here is our chat with third-year guard Derrick Dockery:

Interview Transcript

THN: Derrick are you feeling more comfortable with the offense this year after getting a full season under Coach Bugel and Coach Gibbs?

DOCKERY: No doubt, as long as we continue to work hard, and get everybody to buy into the system we’ll be alright. We need to score some more points to help our defense out, we have a tremendous defense. We expect to win a lot this year if we do the right things and buy into the system.

THN: You guys went out and got Casey Rabach and Jon Jansen is back, are you excited about what the line can do?

DOCKERY: Yeah, we have a great chemistry going with this line. Everyone is healthy and we look good. Coach Bugel has done a tremendous job coaching us up and preparing us for the upcoming season.


THN: OK Derrick, let’s switch topics a bit; much has been made of the eating habits of an offensive lineman. Who on the offensive line would you least like to take out to dinner and pick up the check?

DOCKERY: (Without hesitating) Oh, Randy Thomas.

THN: Why is that?

DOCKERY: Man… Randy Thomas may have lost to that little lady in the shrimp eating contest but we went to this Bar-B-Q place… and they had all-u-can eat… until Randy went there.

(As luck would have it, Randy Thomas walks by)

THN: Randy, Derrick says you’re the guy he’d least like to take to dinner and pick up the check.

THOMAS: (Randy stops) What? (looks at Dockery)

DOCKERY: That’s a compliment though, he can eat that much and still look this good.

THOMAS: (Grabbing Dockery) This guy is working hard, getting married, playing hard, third year…Hey it’s going for ya dog!

Getting Married

THN: You’re getting married Derrick?

DOCKERY: Yes. I’m getting married on July 9th.

THN: Congratulations.

DOCKERY: Thanks.

THN: Randy, what’s this about you wanting Redskins TV to film you cutting your grass?

THOMAS: Man, you seen my grass?

THN: Can’t say I have.

THOMAS: Man, Tiger Woods came by my house last week and played nine holes on my grass (laughter).

THN: Thanks guys, good luck this year.


THN would like to thank Derrick and Randy for taking the time to talk to us.

Edit: This blog was archived in May of 2016 from our original articles database. It was originally posted by Dan Hines

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