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It seemed appropriate that we close out our Washington Redskins mini-camp coverage with some of the best quotes heard over the course of our three days at Redskin Park. Here are some of our favorites:

Head Coach Joe Gibbs

On Second year vs. first year for the coaches:
“The biggest thing is you’re trying to get to know the players. This year, you’ve got most of the players that you’ve really got to know because you’ve lived through a real tough year with them. You’ve seen them through the good times and the bad times. It’ll be interesting to see what this next year brings.”

On big play ability:
“A lot of things contribute to having a good downfield passing game. If you run the ball extremely well obviously that’s going to help. That helps everything that you do. But then you also have to have the receivers, obviously you need protection and we hurt ourselves there last year. I don’t think our protection the first seven or eight games was very good. I think it’s because we were moving some people around on the offensive line. If you’re going to be good at throwing the ball downfield, you have to be able to do everything offensively to get to that point. Certainly running the football will make everybody get closer to the line of scrimmage. I think any part of it offensively, if you’re missing something, it’s not going to be as effective.”

On the introduction of the shotgun formation:
“Bill Walsh was never in it, I was never in it. I think what changes your thought process many times is when you’re not successful. I’ll try anything that I think will help us. I think Bill (Musgrave) was the perfect person to help get it installed here. Every year is a learning experience.”

Assistant Head Coach – Defense Gregg Williams

On players not being able to practice:
“The Redskins is more important — the Redskins organization, the Redskins emblem, the Redskins defense, whatever it is – than any one individual.”

On last year’s defense:
“I had more fun coaching that group of guys than I’ve had in 10 or 12 years in the league.”

On being a Redskin:
“I chose to stay here, and I want to be here for a long time.”

Wide Receiver David Patten

On his goals with the Redskins:
“Me and Santana might be the starters but hey, it’s about our corps. That’s my attitude. Don’t get me wrong, I have personal goals, personal aspirations. I want to lead the league. I want to go to the pro bowl, but more importantly than that, I want to help this team get turned around and get to that Super Bowl.”

Quarterback Patrick Ramsey

On the offseason:
“I think the thing that we are excited about, is the very thing that people are skeptical about: we’ve had a quiet offseason. We all feel like we have the pieces in place and its just time for us to go out and work and get it done.”

Cornerback Shawn Springs

On Sean Taylor:
“I am concerned about Sean Taylor’s situation because he is my friend. As a man I hope he is making all the right decisions. As a team we have to move on with or without him. We would love to have him because he is a special player, but I hope that he makes all the right decisions and things work out for him.”

On Fred Smoot:
“I’ll tell you the funniest thing about Fred [Smoot]. So he gets this signing bonus and I see him so I said, ‘Fred, what’d you get?’ and he says. ‘You’ll see. You’ll see.’ I see him, and he’s got this big gold chain with the state of Mississippi right here (pointing to his chest) in gold. I said, ‘I ain’t seen nothing like that since, you know, 1972 or something like that. Austin Powers; I told him he looked like Austin Powers. He’s country as hell”

Linebacker Marcus Washington

On coming off of a pro bowl year:
“You don’t ever want to get complacent and feel like you’ve made it. You just want to keep on doing the little things and keep on doing what you’ve been doing. I just want to continue to work hard and help my teammates. I want to be a leader, not only verbally but by my actions on the field.”

Wide Receiver / Return Specialist Antonio Brown

On his speed:
“If every guy is telling the truth about how fast they are, I think number wise, I’m the fastest.”

Running Back Clinton Portis

On the receiving corps:
“There’s a bunch of guys out on the field now who’ve got a lot to prove, such as David Patten, he comes in with all these rings never really being the go-to guy. Santana Moss having an 18.3-yards per catch average and only having 40 balls. You got players out here willing to prove themselves and that’s up and down our bench.”

Linebacker Joe Tuipala

On his motivation:
“I think it’s just the love of the game. If you really love playing the game of football, you know there are going to be sacrifices that have to be made.”

Long Snapper Ethan Albright

On his performance as a Redskin:
“It’s my fifth season here, and I don’t think half the people in Washington know I’m here, so I’ve done my job.”

Offensive Tackle Jon Jansen:

On his contributions to be made:
“What I hope to provide is a little bit more leadership on the field, maybe some more emotion and just some continuity. That’s the one thing that I think I’ve always been able to provide. People know that when I go out, what I’m going to provide and what I’m going to do.”

On Larry Michael:
“Is Larry Michael here? I want to thank him for a vacation. (Referring to the Redskins losing 3 days of OTA’s)

Guard Derrick Dockery

On the offensive line:
“We have a great chemistry going with this line. Everyone is healthy and we look good. Coach Bugel has done a tremendous job coaching us up and preparing us for the upcoming season.”

Guard Randy Thomas

On his lawn:
“Man, Tiger Woods came by my house last week and played nine holes on my grass (laughter).”

-Compiled by Scott Hurrey

Edit: This blog was archived in May of 2016 from our original articles database.It was originally posted by Scott Hurrey

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