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What are the Odds?

By Les Barnhart | July 15th, 2005

With only a scant two weeks until the beloved Redskins open training camp, many fans remain optimistic about the team’s chances at the postseason, in this their second season under Hall of Fame coach, Joe Gibbs. While the fans and players may feel positive about the Redskins return to dominance, it would appear that sports analyst Danny Sheridan is not feeling the same vibe coming from Redskins Park. Sheridan recently released his NFL Super Bowl odds and based on them, the Redskins winning the Super Bowl could put some people in the same tax bracket as owner Dan Snyder.

It is getting harder and harder to find a cup of black coffee and a daily paper that doesn’t cost more than a buck. Consider skipping both for a week and instead take the action in Las Vegas and if Cinderella can get lucky at the ball, one might find that Redskins season tickets are in fact an affordable luxury.

Here are the odds as calculated by Sheridan. And by the way, a sextillion has 21 zeros (we checked).

New England  6 to 1
Philadelphia  6 to 1
Indianapolis  7 to 1
Pittsburgh  10 to 1
Atlanta  10 to 1
Carolina  12 to 1
Kansas City  12 to 1
Baltimore  15 to 1
Minnesota  18 to 1
Jacksonville  18 to 1
New York Jets   20 to 1
San Diego  22 to 1
Seattle  25 to 1
Green Bay  25 to 1
Buffalo  28 to 1
Denver  30 to 1
Oakland  40 to 1
St. Louis  50 to 1
Tampa Bay  75 to 1
Dallas  100 to 1
Washington  250 to 1
Tennessee  1,000 to 1
Cincinnati  5,000 to 1
New York Giants  25,000 to 1
Detroit  100,000 to 1
New Orleans  1 million to 1
Arizona   2 million to 1
Miami  3 million to 1
Houston  5 million to 1
Chicago  100 million to 1
Cleveland  1 billion to 1
San Francisco  1 sextillion to 1

Edit: This blog was archived in May of 2016 from our original articles database.It was originally posted by Les Barnhart

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