Redskins Training Camp – Day 4

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Besides the heat and humidity, it was a mild day at Redskins Park, home of training camp for the Washington Redskins. The heat was stifling Thursday, as several thousand people showed up to watch the fourth day of Washington Redskins training camp.

The highlight of the practices continues to be the 11-on-11 drills. The wide receivers have had many opportunities to make the crowd ooh and ahh, and today they did not disappoint.

Veteran wide receiver Kevin Dyson had an outstanding practice on Thursday. He appears to be settling into the offense quite nicely, and the quarterbacks seem to become more and more comfortable with Dyson at each practice.

The best combination however, has been Ramsey-to-Patten. The two seem to have an excellent rapport with each other, perhaps giving Ramsey a big play target other than Cooley. Patten seems to be doing his part as well, catching everything close to him, including a circus catch today, when a ball expected to arrive to his left almost bounced off his helmet. He leaned back, almost as if doing the limbo, and caught the ball without ever slowing down.

Antonio Brown continued to impress today, as he practices with the offense as much as he practices punt returns. Also starting to impress, is former Gator Taylor Jacobs. Jacobs has an excellent shot at the third receiver spot, as his play continues to improve.

Quick Hitters

Warrick Holdman gets the fan-friendly award today, as he spent thirty to forty five minutes signing autographs in the hot sun.

Antonio Brown is working out with all the quarterbacks, but one trend that seems to be emerging is that whenever Ramsey and Brown are in, they usually call a fly pattern and try to go over the top. Could this be foreshadowing?

Jason Campbell is already showing the signs of becoming an excellent NFL quarterback. He possesses a smooth throwing motion and appears (at least in practice) to make good decisions on what to do with the football.

The defense forced Patrick Ramsey out of the pocket on one particular play, and Ramsey took off running. It was not a spectacular, look-out-its-Michael-Vick run, but it was likely as close as Redskins fans can expect from Ramsey.

Tomorrow is Fan Appreciation Day at Redskins training camp. Practice will start first, followed by a performance from the Redskin Cheerleaders and the world famous Washington Redskins Marching Band. Oh yes, and of course there is the autographs.

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